EasyMorph offers more than 100 actions. While such variety enables a lot of flexibility, it can be confusing at first. The next few chapters describe a few frequently used actions that can help you get started:

Filtering data


The most basic filtering action is Filter. It keeps (or removes) table rows with only selected values in particular column. The example below shows how Filter keeps only rows where [LFO Description] is 'All Establishments'.

Selection filter

Filter by condition

Another frequently used filtering action is Filter by condition. It allows defining the filtering condition as an expression. The action keeps only table rows where the condition is true. In the example below only cities with names containing 'San' are kept.

Filter by condition


The Deduplicate action removes duplicate rows.

Deduplicate action


The Trim action keeps or removes top N rows. It's equivalent to prefix FIRST in some SQL dialects.

Trim action
The action can be used to remove bottom N rows as well.

Keep Matching / Mismatching

The Keep matching action keeps only rows with values that exist in another table.

Keep matching action
Keep mismatching does the opposite — it removes rows with values that exist in another table and keeps only mismatching ones.

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