General information

  • Licenses can be purchased by clicking one of the "Buy" button below or by contacting .
  • No auto-renewals or unexpected charges. Approximately 2-4 weeks before the renewal date we ask you if you would like to renew.
  • The pricing currency is USD. Quotes in EUR or CAD are available on request.
  • We accept credit cards, SWIFT or ACH bank transfers, purchase orders, and USD cheques.
  • Discounted starter bundles can be a good deal. Scroll down to see them.

No price increase guarantee

The annualing pricing is fixed on the date of purchase and is guaranteed to remain the same as long as renewals don't lapse. Although, if the official USD inflation rate (CPI) exceeds 5% per year, we reserve the right to adjust the renewal pricing for the inflation, but in no case above that. The guarantee doesn't cover not purchased products.

EasyMorph Desktop pricing

EasyMorph Desktop is used for designing workflows and running them. It has a time-unlimited free edition with certain restrictions and no technical support, and the fully unlimited Professional edition which is a no lock-in, risk-free subscription:

  • No lock-in: If annual Professional subscription is stopped after 1 year or later, a Professional license can be replaced with a perpetual license with no updates or email support. Read more about subscription cancellation.
  • No limits on data volume or number of runs: unlike cloud-based tools, even the free edition of EasyMorph has no limits on the number of runs or data volumes. Also, all the integrations are included.

Import from files and databases
Export to files and databases
Updating databases and cloud apps
150+ action types A few actions unavailable
Actions, per project 20 Unlimited
Iterations in loops, per project 20 Unlimited
Visual database query builder
Data profiling and Analysis View
Emails w/attachments Sending only Sending / receiving
Data Catalog (requires Server) Licensed separately
Desktop scheduler
Software updates
Technical support Community forum
Community forum
Price per user $0
forever, we promise
billed annually as $900/yr,
or $300 for 3 months
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Licensing terms

  • 1 user = 1 Windows (or Windows domain) account that runs the software.
  • A user can use the same license on multiple computers under the same Windows domain account.
  • If the software is used in unattended mode (e.g. scheduled) under the same Windows account on multiple computers then a separate license must be purchased for each computer where it's used.
  • Other terms are in the End User License Agreement.

Trial license

You can request a 30-day trial license key right from EasyMorph Desktop and receive it automatically. Just click the link "Request trial key" in the Start screen of the application (in the blue sidebar on the right). Altertnatively, send a request for trial license to .

EasyMorph Server pricing

EasyMorph Server is used for running and scheduling workflows, collaboration, and API integration. It has two editions: the Team edition with basic security intended for small teams and medium workloads, and the Enterprise edition with better security intended for bigger deployments and/or higher workloads.

Team Server
Enterprise Server
Task scheduler
User spaces (workgroups)
File hosting with web UI
Users that can create workflows See Desktop pricing See Desktop pricing
Users that run tasks from web UI Unlimited Unlimited
Custom API server 1 space
Unlimited spaces
Any HTTP method
Data Catalog
Support for EasyMorph Gateway
Authentication via Active Directory
Running tasks under different Windows accounts
User actions & audit journal Embedded DB only Embedded or external DB
Server CLI and .NET SDK
Software updates
Technical support Email support
Community forum
Email support
Community forum
Price per server (up to 128GB RAM) $3,600/yr
equiv. to $300/mo
equiv. to $750/mo
Price per server ( > 128GB RAM) Request a quote
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Trial license

You can request a 30-day trial license key for EasyMorph Server by sending a request to . Trial keys include unlimited Professional user licenses so you don't have to request them separately.

Upgrading from Team Server to Enterprise Server

It is possible to upgrade from Team to Enterprise Server at any time by paying the price difference. Downgrading is possible on the renewal date at the end of the billing cycle.

180-day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with EasyMorph Server during the first 180 days starting from the payment date, we will refund you the full cost paid for EasyMorph Server and related Desktop licenses. No strings attached.

Discounted Starter Bundles

1 EasyMorph Team Server + 5 EasyMorph Professional user + training + updates + support = $6,480/year.

1 EasyMorph Enterprise Server + 10 EasyMorph Professional user + training + updates + support = $14,400/year.

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Data Catalog Add-On Pricing

Professional users that create & consume Catalog items

Holders of the the Professional User license (costs $900/user/yr, described above) can create and retrieve Catalog items in EasyMorph Desktop or retrieve items in EasyMorph Server. No additional licensing is required for Professional Users to work with the Data Catalog in any Server edition.

Regular users that only consume Catalog items

Users that access the Catalog from the web UI or from the free edition of EasyMorph Desktop can retrieve all Catalog items and create/modify static items (i.e. not computed witha workflow). Regular users are licensed per Server space (unlimited users). Multiple per-space licenses can be added up to enable unlimited regular users in multiple spaces. Also, a fully unlimited license is available and permits unlimited users in unlimited spaces. The pricing depends on Server edition and is added to the Server price (described above).

Server Add-On
Team Server
Enterprise Server
Unlimited regular users in 1 space $3,600/yr $9,000/yr
Unlimited regular users in ALL spaces $20,000/yr $50,000/yr

EasyMorph Gateway

EasyMorph Gateway is an optional cloud service for real-time integration of cloud-based (SaaS) applications with on-premises EasyMorph Server via webhooks. The Gateway service is not required for the regular operation of EasyMorph Server. However, you may want to use the Gateway when you need to trigger Server tasks in real time by webhooks from cloud-based applications, or services like Zapier or Power Automate, or anything that can send an HTTP request.

Usage quotas

Gateway usage is priced per rolling 30-day quotas that count processed messages — i.e. messages retrieved by your EasyMorph Server from the Gateway queue over the last 30 days. The pricing is annual. When the quota limit is exceeded, new incoming messages (webhook requests) are still queued in the Gateway so no data is lost, but they can't be processed. Processing is resumed when the 30-day rolling cumulative count of processed messages (i.e. retrived from the queue by Server) falls below the quota limit.

Gateway plan
30-day quota
Annual price
Starter 1,000 requests $600/yr
Small 5,000 requests $1,500/yr
Medium-1 20,000 requests $3,600/yr
Medium-2 50,000 requests $4,800/yr
Large 200,000 requests $12,000/yr
XLarge 1,000,000 requests $30,000/yr

Licensing terms

  • The billing cycle is annual (the renewal date can be aligned to your EasyMorph Server's renewal)
  • Unused quotas can't be transferred to a later period or refunded
  • A plan can be upgraded during the billing cycle but not downgraded
  • Plans can be combined (in this case, the quotas add up)


To order a Gateway plan, please contact .

Trial license

To request a 30-day trial license for EasyMorph Gateway send a request to . Please mention if you already use EasyMorph Server or not.

Command-Line Worker Pricing

The Command-Line worker is a command-line Windows utility for running EasyMorph workflows from the command line. It's licensed per machine. To purchase a license please contact .

Command-Line Worker
Run workflows
Notifications (email, webhook)
Connector repository Local file
Price (per machine) $1,800/yr


If you are a consulting company or a value-added software reseller you're welcome to join our partnership program. For more details please contact .