Free edition — No time limit. No data volume limit. Best for simple non-production tasks and occasional data manipulations.
Plus edition — Features à la carte. One-time payment. Updates at 50% of the regular prices. Additional features and support extension can be purchased separately. Best for personal use.
Professional edition — Most value per dollar. All features. No restrictions. Always up to date. Always supported. Best for regular use by analysts and data experts.

Looking for something more powerful? Check out EasyMorph Server for corporate departments and small businesses.

Import from databases
Import from files
Export to databases
Export to files
90+ action types
Actions, per project 30 Unlimited Unlimited
Iterations in loops, per project 30 30
Unlimited +$100
Project parameters
Visual query builder
Data profiling
Sending emails
Execute programs + PowerShell +$200
Command-line Mode +$300
Scheduler free, requires Command-line Mode
Updates 50% of price
(incl. purchased features)
Technical support 1 year
Price per user $0
forever, we promise
one-time payment
(billed annually)
or $165 for 3 months
Download Buy license Buy license

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Licensing terms

  • Prices are in USD.
  • 1 user = 1 Windows (or Windows domain) account that runs the software (even on multiple computers).
  • For Plus licenses the software version is fixed on the day of purchase. Maintenance releases with bugfixes are included into technical support (1 year), new versions are not. Updates to new versions cost 50% of the regular price (including all purchased features).
  • Other terms are in the End User License Agreement (read).

No lock-in subscription

EasyMorph Profesional licensing is a no lock-in, risk-free subscription:

  • If annual Professional subscription is stopped after 1 year or later, Professional license can be converted for free into a permanent Plus license with $300 options included. The software version is fixed on the day when the subscription is discontinued. Technical support provided through the Community forum.
  • Price protection: the subscription price for Professional licenses is fixed on the date of purchase and is guaranteed to not increase as long as the subscription is not interrupted.


If you would like to evaluate EasyMorph Professional feel free to download a trial license key. We would be happy to provide you with a free proof-of-concept or a demo session. Contact to arrange one.


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Professional Services

Need an extra pair of hands? We provide EasyMorph development services on request. Our engineers are highly professional experts in data transformation. Our rates are affordable. Please contact .