Rapid API automation for enterprise

Rapid API automation
for enterprise

Web API integration without coding

The traditional way of designing API integrations by writing custom software using programming languages (e.g. Python) can be slow and expensive. With EasyMorph, you can solve API integration challenges by an order of magnitude faster and easier using visual workflows instead of coding. Consume internal and external APIs or build your own API endpoints to provide API automation for databases, enterprise apps, legacy systems, and even standalone spreadsheets.

Web API integration without coding

Web API client

The "Web request" action in EasyMorph workflows sends highly configurable HTTP requests. You can configure authentication, request methods, headers, query parameters, and different request body types. Parse, modify, construct JSON and XML data objects right in workflows. Queries can be automatically parallelized for faster execution.

Web API client

Web API server

Rapidly create own web (REST) APIs to serve HTTP requests with visual EasyMorph workflows. Build API endpoints for real-time integration with internal applications without coding. Creating APIs with EasyMorph is so easy that you can now quickly build a web API for anything — a database, an internal application, a legacy system, and even for a spreadsheet.


  • Authentication: API keys, HTTP Basic, Windows Identity (NTLM)
  • API versioning
  • Git-friendly
  • Zero-downtime deployment
  • Multiple environments (prod/dev/etc)
Web API server

Cloud webhooks

Send data and real-time notifications from cloud applications or automation services such as Zapier or Power Automate to your on-premises databases and internal APIs with the help of our end-to-end encrypted EasyMorph Gateway*. Pass data and trigger on-premises workflows in EasyMorph Server on events (webhooks) from internal and external applications. Build real-time bi-directional automation between cloud and on-premises systems. The Gateway works with anything that can send HTTP requests, including IoT devices.


  • Serverless technology with 99.9999% uptime
  • End-to-end asymmetric encryption
  • Can handle millions of requests per day
Cloud webhooks


The API Server is a feature of EasyMorph Server (installed on-premises). Its pricing is flat and doesn't depend on the number of processed queries. The minimal Server pricing depends on Server edition (see below):

Server edition Team Enterprise
API environments (spaces) 1 Unlimited
Price (including 1 Desktop license) $6900/yr $9900/yr

EasyMorph Gateway is only required when you need to receive cloud or external webhooks. It's a cloud service with consumption-based pricing. The Gateway pricing starts from $1500/year (for up to 5000 requests over a rolling 30 day time window). See full pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can EasyMorph query APIs with OAuth authentication?
The web client in EasyMorph supports all the popular OAuth 2 authentication flows. To check whether EasyMorph supports more exotic flows (such as the device flow) please contact us.
How many queries per second can the API server handle?
It depends on your hardware specs, but usually it's hundreds per minute.