Dealing with data
doesn't have to be that hard.

EasyMorph is a visual data tool that makes data preparation, transformation, and automation 3-5 times simpler and faster. Coding is not required.

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Gartner 4.7

100,000+ downloads

600+ organizations

180+ built-in actions

Data preparation for non-technical business professionals

Stop depending on IT for all your data prep.

Most business professionals are still using Excel to clean and organize their data, but it takes forever, and it's difficult to catch errors. And the IT guys don't give enough priority to your requests.

With EasyMorph, you can take back control of your data preparation through easy and visual data automation without coding.

Next-gen ETL tool for enterprise it professionals

Next-gen ETL tool for enterprise it professionals

Make ETL easier and faster than ever.

Traditional data transformation (ETL) tools are stuck in the past — running on concepts from the 90's—and it's making your job 10x harder.

EasyMorph's modern in-memory data transformation and advanced automation capabilities allow you to transform, debug, and automate data faster than ever—even on an average laptop.

Next-gen ETL tool for enterprise it professionals

Enterprise data productivity tool for cross-departmental teams

Enterprise data productivity tool for cross-departmental teams

Take your team’s data productivity to a new level.

These days, you can't make business-critical decisions without data. But your team is constantly bogged down by manual and low-value data wrangling tasks every day.

EasyMorph allows both technical and business professionals to optimize and automate your data processes in a visual way—so you can maximize productivity and expedite decision-making across the organization.

Enterprise data productivity tool for cross-departmental teams


Connect to all your systems
in just a few clicks.

EasyMorph connects to over 50 popular enterprise software tools you may already use.


Import from and export to Excel spreadsheets. Run VBA macros. Save as PDF.


Import from and export to more than 25 relational SQL databases including SQL Server, Postgres, Oracle, Redshift, Azure SQL, BigQuery.

Text files

Import from delimited (such as CSV, PSV, etc.) text files and text files with fixed width columns.


Send/receive emails with attachments using Exchange, Gmail, or any SMTP server. Mark read/unread and delete.


Send HTTP requests to web (REST) APIs and process responses (e.g. with JSON or XML body).


Upload and download files to/from SFTP servers or using SCP over SSH.

The product is fantastic, it saves me so much time at my job it’s not even funny. I tell anyone who will listen how helpful it is.
Michael S.
We are very very happy with the usability and how easy Easymorph is. Its smart, easy and just works like a charm - this is not usual for such (ETL, BI) tools.


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