Data automation

for the 21st century

Easy data preparation and API automation without coding.

100,000+ downloads

500+ organizations

150+ built-in actions

Data preparation for
non-technical people

Prepare data for reporting and analysis faster and easier using visual drag-n-drop workflows instead of spreadsheets.

Many people use Excel, VBA macros, or Python scripts for data preparation because they are not aware of better alternatives that exist in the 21st century. EasyMorph is a purpose-built application for fast and visual data transformation and automation without coding, optimized for non-technical users. With EasyMorph, you can walk away from obscure scripts and cumbersome spreadsheets, and bring your productivity to a whole new level.

Data preparation for non-technical people

Next generation ETL
for IT departments

An advanced ETL application built for the 21st century.

Most ETL tools have been designed for the past era. They are based on a flawed concept dictated by the lack of memory in computers of the 90s. Nowadays, computers have a thousand times more memory therefore we no longer have to stick to the limitations of the past. EasyMorph is a fast, versatile ETL application with more than 150 built-in actions. It leverages the modern computer technology and makes designing ETL jobs an order of magnitude faster, easier, and less prone to errors compared to traditional ETL systems.

Next generation ETL for IT departments

Web API integration without coding

Quickly respond to data integration challenges with a powerful API integration toolkit.

Building API integrations and endpoints can be a very expensive and time-consuming effort. EasyMorph workflows conveniently combine ETL and API capabilities and can handle a broad variety of data integration tasks.

EasyMorph can act as a web API client as well as an API server. You can query REST (web) APIs and process JSON/XML payloads. Deploy your own API endpoints. Receive and process in real time webhooks from cloud applications, websites, and cloud automation services such as Zapier or Power Automate.

Web APIs without coding

Hyperlinked Data Catalog

Stop the chaos. Organize your team's access to data, reports, and metrics as it meant to be in the 21st century.

Our Data Catalog is a single portal that your colleagues can use to find and retrieve data, reports, and metrics from internal and external applications, BI systems, databases, APIs, and files no matter where they are located. The Catalog brings everyone on the same page, saves time and money, and reduces the need in expensive data warehouses and complex, high-ceremony Business Intelligence applications.

Hyperlinked Data Catalog

Connect to all your data and apps


Import from and export to Excel spreadsheets. Run VBA macros. Save as PDF.


Import from and export to more than 25 relational SQL databases including SQL Server, Postgres, Oracle, Redshift, Azure SQL, BigQuery.

Text files

Import from delimited (such as CSV, PSV, etc.) text files and text files with fixed width columns.


Send emails and receive emails with attachments using Exchange, Gmail, or any SMTP server.


Send HTTP requests to web (REST) APIs and process responses (e.g. with JSON or XML body).


Upload and download files to/from SFTP servers or using SCP over SSH.

Get started with EasyMorph

Get started with EasyMorph

EasyMorph Server for your team

While EasyMorph Desktop is great for individual use, by adding EasyMorph Server you get robust scheduling, workgroups (spaces) for collaboration, and means for integration with other applications. It is designed for busy teams and therefore is easy to install, configure, and administer. Use cases for EasyMorph Server:

  • Scheduled data retrieval and transformation (ETL)
  • Data collection and distribution (e.g. by email or via a web browser)
  • Real time API intergration with internal and cloud applications
  • Automatic rule-based alerts and notifications
EasyMorph Server for your team

Customer spotlight

Credigy signifcantly improved data processing throughtput and freed up to 4x additional time for data analysis with EasyMorph
Casey Adams,
Senior Director of IT and Data Strategy


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After more than 18 months with easymorph, I can say that I absolutely love this tool. It really helps me a lot and there are so many use cases. Really a great product and I am absolutely happy that I have "found" it and that I could convince my CIO that easymorph is the right tool for our use case. He's happy with the decision, too :). I have been working with various tools by now (formerly works at SAP with BW, later on with BW and Business Objects, then with Talend and now with easymorph and the speed of "developing" and the possibilities to transform data with easymorph are much better than anything else I have ever seen within over 20 years of my career. So: all thumbs up for this product.
Jochen M.
I have been using EM intensively for the past couple of months and I have had the opportunity to go though the full platform including advanced features. It's an amazing product. This is not surprising since it was such an awesome experience out of the box. Summing up EM, I would describe it in the following way: (i) extreme ease of use, (ii) great value, (iii) enterprise grade and feature rich, and (iv) blazing speed. Speed is the biggest factor for me. It's astonishing and the primary reason I am using EM so much. It's literally multiples faster than its much more expensive counterparts.
Rick S.