A powerful, easy-to-use data preparation and ETL tool.
Great for non-technical users. A free edition available.

With EasyMorph, you can retrieve data from various systems and automate complex data transformations, even if you are not an IT expert. No knowledge of SQL or programming is required — designing is 100% visual. EasyMorph is optimized for knowledge workers and data analysts that would like to reduce their dependency on corporate IT departments and spend less time on tedious data-related work. See what our customers say about EasyMorph...

Visual data preparation and ETL

Many people use Excel, or VBA/Python scripts, or SQL queries for data preparation because they are not aware of better alternatives. EasyMorph is a purpose-built application with more than 120 built-in transforms for fast and visual data preparation and transformation without coding.

With EasyMorph, you can walk away from obscure scripts and cumbersome spreadsheets, and bring your productivity to a whole new level.

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Easy data retrieval

Retrieve data from databases, spreadsheets, emails and email attachments, text files, remote folders, corporate and cloud applications (e.g. SharePoint), and web (REST) APIs without programming. Use visual queries and tools to filter and extract exactly the data you need without asking the IT guys.

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No-code automation

Workflow automation and ETL are so tightly intertwined in real-life cases that we believe the only way it can work well is when designed in the same application. EasyMorph seamlessly combines data preparation and automation in workflows without making a distinction between the two.

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Whitepaper "Modern data transformation re-thought from scratch" describes in detail the reasons behind creating EasyMorph, the application's technical design and how it addresses the shortcomings of traditional data tools.

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EasyMorph for you

EasyMorph is designed to make life easier for people like you. Pick what describes you best:

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EasyMorph Server for your team

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Besides the desktop application, EasyMorph also comes in a server variant. EasyMorph Server automates data collection, transformation, and distribution, and moves data between enterprise and cloud applications. The Server is designed for teams with limited or no IT support. Therefore it is easy to install, configure, and administer. Use cases for EasyMorph Server:

  • Scheduled data retrieval and transformation (ETL).
  • Data publishing and distribution (e.g. by email or pushing to a web API).
  • Automatic rule-based alerts and notifications.
  • Offloading computationally heavy tasks from desktops, replacing VBA macros or Python scripts.
  • ETL and automation tasks triggered from external systems.

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A 3-minute overview and demo of EasyMorph that shows querying a database, applying transformations, using expressions and, finally, exporting results back into the database.

Watch a similar overview in French, Italian, Spanish.


Unlike traditional ETL tools, EasyMorph combines data and workflow in a single view, providing a clear picture of transformation logic.

Example: US Census 2012
Example: Inc5000
Database Query Editor

Start with the free edition. See if EasyMorph works for you.

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