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Note that the free edition doesn't include actions: Fetch Email, SSH Command, Run Program, Iterate Program, and PowerShell. Also actions Web Request, Iterate Web Request and Send email have limited functionality in the free edition.

Icon Action name Category Description
AggregateTransform / Basic / MathCalculate aggregates (totals), such as sum or count, grouped by one or more columns.
Amazon commandWorkflow / App/CloudPerform an Amazon Web Services command.
Append another tableTransform / BasicAppend another table as new rows at the bottom, or new columns.
Bulk export to databaseExport / DatabaseFast export into a database table (only a limited set of target databases is supported).
Calculate new column(s)Transform / Basic / MathAdd one or more columns calculated as expressions.
CalendarCreate / GenerateGenerate a sequence of dates for specified time period.
Call another module/projectWorkflow / InternalRun another module or project. Optionally, return a result dataset.
Clean upTransform / BasicRemove values from a column using one or more rules. Unlike Filter, it doesn't remove rows but makes cells empty.
Construct JSONTransform / AdvancedRoll up column values into one JSON or one JSON per group.
Convert data typeTransform / BasicConvert column values from one data type (e.g. text) to another (e.g. number).
Create bucketsTransform / AdvancedCreate a column with constant-width ranges (buckets) that another column's values are falling into.
Create listCreate / GenerateCreate a new column by entering or pasting a list of up to 100 values.
Cross mergeTransform / AdvancedCreate a table with all possible combinations (i.e. Cartesian product) of rows in two tables.
Database commandWorkflow / ExternalSend a command to a database (e.g. create a table), or execute an arbitrary SQL statement (e.g. bulk load a file).
Deduplicate rowsTransform / FiltersRemove duplicate rows in entire table based on all or selected columns.
Delete database rowsWorkflow / ExternalDelete rows from a database table using a query condition.
Delete matching database rowsWorkflow / ExternalDelete rows in a database table where key fields match (or don't match) EasyMorph table.
Distribute totalTransform / MathBreak down a total/subtotal proportionally to a group of numbers (weights).
Download fileWorkflow / ExternalDownload a file from the internet over HTTP or FTP and save it.
EasyMorph Server commandWorkflow / App/CloudTrigger a task, or upload/download/delete a file on a remote EasyMorph Server.
Either tableWorkflow / InternalBetween the current table and another table choose the one that is not empty.
Enumerate groupsTransform / AdvancedEnumerate all combinations of values in selected columns.
Enumerate rowsTransform / BasicAdd row counts starting from 1 for entire table or inside groups.
Export Google SheetsExport / App/CloudExport dataset into a new or existing Google Sheets workbook.
Export as plain textExport / FileExport a column into a file as plain text.
Export datasetExport / FileExport dataset into a file in native EasyMorph format.
Export into Excel fileExport / FileExport current dataset into a new or existing Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx).
Export into Qlik fileExport / FileExport current dataset into a Qlik data file (.qvd).
Export into delimited text fileExport / FileExport current dataset into a delimited text file (e.g. in CSV format).
Export to AirtableExport / App/CloudExport dataset into an Airtable table.
Export to Power BIExport / App/CloudExport data into a new or append to an existing Power BI dataset.
Export to TableauExport / App/Cloud / FilePublish a data source to Tableau Server/Online, or export into a Hyper or TDE file.
Export to XMLExport / FileExport to XML file.
Export to databaseExport / DatabaseExport current dataset into a database table.
Fetch emailWorkflow / ExternalRetrieve emails and generate a table with email attributes (sender, subject, etc.). Save attachments.
File commandWorkflow / ExternalPerform a file operation such as file copying, moving, deleting, or unzipping.
File transferWorkflow / ExternalDownload/upload files over SFTP/SCP.
Fill downTransform / AdvancedFill empty cells down with nearest non-empty value in selected columns.
Fill rightTransform / AdvancedFill empty cells to the right in particular row.
FilterTransform / Basic / FiltersRemove or leave only rows with selected values in a column.
Filter by conditionTransform / FiltersKeep only rows where condition is satisfied (i.e. is true).
Filter by searchTransform / FiltersSearch column values and keep or remove only the matching ones.
Filter by typeTransform / FiltersKeep or remove only rows with values of particular data type (e.g. errors).
Generate documentationWorkflow / ExternalGenerate HTML documentation for an EasyMorph project.
Generate unique identifiersTransform / AdvancedAdd a new column with generated global unique identifiers (GUIDs) for each row.
Google Drive commandWorkflow / App/CloudPerform a Google Drive command.
GroupTransform / AdvancedAssign a group name (or flag) to selected column values.
Halt on conditionWorkflow / InternalStop executing project with an error if condition is true.
Halt on data type mismatchWorkflow / InternalHalt if a column value has a wrong data type.
Import Excel spreadsheetImport / FileImport data from a sheet or range in an Excel spreadsheet.
Import Google SheetsImport / App/CloudImport a sheet from a Google Sheets workbook.
Import JSON from fileImport / FileImport JSON(s) from one or multiple text files.
Import Qlik QVD fileImport / FileImport a Qlik data file (.qvd).
Import SAS fileImport / FileImport a SAS file (.sas7bdat).
Import SPSS fileImport / FileImport a SPSS/PSPP file (.sav).
Import SharePoint listImport / App/CloudImport a SharePoint list or its view.
Import XML fileImport / FileImport data from an XML file.
Import datasetImport / FileImport dataset from a file in the native EasyMorph format.
Import delimited text fileImport / FileImport tabular data from a delimited text file (e.g. in CSV format).
Import fixed width textImport / FileImport tabular data with fixed width columns from a text file.
Import from AirtableImport / App/CloudImports table data from an Airtable base.
Import from Google AnalyticsImport / App/CloudImport metrics from Google Analytics.
Import from PipedriveImport / App/CloudImport data from Pipedrive such as deals, organizations, or persons.
Import from Web APIImport / App/CloudSend a GET request to a web API and automatically parse the JSON/XML response into a tabular dataset.
Import from databaseImport / DatabaseImport table from a relational database using a visual query or custom SQL.
Import plain textImport / FileImport a text file as is without parsing.
InputCreate / InputObtain the input dataset from another project. That project should use the Call action to pass its dataset into this project.
Interval mergeTransform / AdvancedMerge two tables based on whether values in one table are within boundaries defined by two columns in another table.
IterateWorkflow / InternalIterate through table values passing them to another EasyMorph project or module as parameters.
Iterate Web requestWorkflow / App/Cloud / ExternalSend multiple uniform HTTP requests to an endpoint and capture the responses.
Iterate columnWorkflow / InternalPass a dataset column by column into another module/project and append results back into one dataset.
Iterate programWorkflow / ExternalRun an external application once per each line in table.
Iterate tableWorkflow / InternalIterate through table values passing them to another EasyMorph project or module as parameters together with another table.
Keep duplicatesTransform / FiltersKeep only duplicate rows based on all or selected columns.
Keep min/maxTransform / FiltersKeep/remove rows with biggest/smallest values.
Keep/remove columnsTransform / BasicKeep or remove selected columns.
Keep/remove matchingTransform / FiltersKeep or remove only rows with values that exist in another table.
Label columnsTransform / AdvancedMake column names from one or more top rows.
Linear regressionTransform / MathCalculate simple linear regression for a series of values.
List of filesCreate / GenerateGenerate a list of files in a specified folder. Optionally, scan folders recursively.
List of foldersCreate / GenerateGenerate a list of folders in a specified folder. Optionally, scan folders recursively.
LookupTransform / BasicAdd or replace a column using a lookup table. It's similar to VLOOKUP function in Excel.
Make date/time columnsTransform / AdvancedCreate column(s) with date attributes such as year, quarter, or week number.
MatchTransform / AdvancedFind if values of a column match values in another table.
Merge another tableTransform / BasicMerge columns from another table where certain columns match, using lookup or join mode.
Modify column(s)Transform / Basic / MathReplace values in one or more columns using expressions.
Parameter tableCreate / GenerateCreate a 1-line table with project or module parameters values as columns.
Parse JSONTransform / AdvancedParse one or more JSONs into a tabular dataset.
Parse XMLTransform / AdvancedParse XML data into a tabular dataset.
PeekTransform / BasicTake a single value from another table (e.g. total) and append it as a new column.
PivotTransform / AdvancedCreate a matrix table from a straight table.
Power BI commandWorkflow / App/CloudPerform a Power BI command.
PowerShellWorkflow / ExternalExecute one or more PowerShell commands.
Project metadataImport / FileGenerate lists of actions, connectors, parameters, and similar metadata of one or multiple EasyMorph projects.
Qlik Sense commandWorkflow / App/CloudExecute a Qlik Sense command remotely.
Regular expressionTransform / AdvancedCreate a new column with regular expression matches
Remove empty columnsTransform / AdvancedRemove columns where all values are the same or empty.
Remove empty rowsTransform / AdvancedRemove rows where all values are empty or whitespace.
Rename columnsTransform / BasicRename one or more columns.
Rename columns with lookupTransform / AdvancedRename multiple columns using a lookup table.
Reorder columnsTransform / BasicRe-order columns in table.
RepeatWorkflow / InternalRecursively call another module/project until its result table becomes empty.
Repeat rowsTransform / AdvancedRepeat each row as many times as specified in given column.
ReplaceTransform / BasicReplace selected values in a column with new ones.
Replace with lookupTransform / AdvancedReplace substrings in one or many columns using a lookup table.
RuleTransform / BasicMultiple nested if/then/else conditions used to calculate a column.
Run programWorkflow / ExternalRun an external application. If no application specified the command line will be executed as a Windows shell command.
Running totalTransform / MathCalculate rank, cumulative count, sum or percent from total sum for a column.
SSH commandWorkflow / ExternalConnect to a remote computer using SSH and execute one or more commands.
SandboxCreate / InputTemporary table for ad hoc data manipulations.
Sanitize textTransform / AdvancedRemove hidden system characters, extra spaces, and line breaks.
Select by lookupTransform / AdvancedSelect columns which names exist in another table.
Select matching database rowsImport / DatabaseSelect rows in a database table where key fields match EasyMorph table.
Send emailWorkflow / ExternalSend an email with attachment to one or more recipients.
SequenceCreate / GenerateGenerate a sequence of numbers starting from 1.
SharePoint commandWorkflow / App/CloudPerform a SharePoint command such as downloading, uploading, or deleting a file.
Shift column up/downTransform / AdvancedShift column values up or down.
Skip actions on conditionWorkflow / InternalSkip the rest of actions in table if condition is true.
SortTransform / BasicSort table by one or more columns.
Split delimited fileImport / FileSplit a delimited text file into smaller files based on row count, or column values.
Split delimited text into columnsTransform / AdvancedSplit text values that are delimited with a separator into columns.
Split delimited text into rowsTransform / AdvancedSplit text values delimited by a separator into multiple rows.
Split fixed width textTransform / AdvancedSplit text values with fixed width columns into multiple columns.
Spreadsheet metadataImport / FileCreate a list with names of all sheets in a spreadsheet.
Start/finish exclusive accessWorkflow / InternalEnsure exclusive access to a resource.
Statistical aggregationTransform / MathCalculate one or more statistical functions for specified column.
StatusWorkflow / InternalUpdate project execution status.
SynchronizeWorkflow / InternalWait until another table is calculated.
Table metadataTransform / AdvancedProduce a table with the current dataset's metadata: column names, total row and column counts.
Table-wide replaceTransform / AdvancedRemove or replace a value across selected columns.
Tableau Server commandWorkflow / App/CloudTrigger a Tableau Server/Online action remotely.
Total/subtotalsTransform / MathColumn total or group subtotals added as a new column.
Trim tableTransform / FiltersKeep or remove a fixed number of rows from the top or the bottom of table.
Trim table by conditionTransform / FiltersRemove rows above or below the first row where a condition is satisfied.
UnpivotTransform / AdvancedConvert a matrix table into a straight table.
Update database tableWorkflow / ExternalUpdates a database table with data from EasyMorph.
Update/delete rows in AirtableWorkflow / App/CloudUpdate or delete rows in a table in Airtable
WaitWorkflow / InternalPause project execution for the specified number of seconds.
Web requestWorkflow / App/Cloud / ExternalSend an HTTP request and capture the response.
XSLT transformationWorkflow / ExternalTransform an XML file using an XSLT stylesheet.

Fun fact: the table has been generated automatically using an EasyMorph project that parses the application source code.

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