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See also: All integrations in EasyMorph.

Actions marked with an asterisk (*) in the table below are not available in the free edition.

Icon Action name Category Description
AggregateTransform / Basic / MathCalculate aggregates (totals), such as sum or count, grouped by one or more columns.
Amazon S3 commandWorkflow / App/CloudPerform an AWS S3 command such as upload or download a file.
Append another tableTransform / BasicAppend another table as new rows at the bottom, or new columns.
BreakpointWorkflow / InternalStop project execution. The action only works in Desktop and only in the current module.
Bulk export to database*Export / DatabaseFast export into a database table (only a limited set of target databases is supported).
Calculate new column(s)Transform / Basic / MathAdd one or more columns calculated as expressions.
CalendarCreate / GenerateGenerate a sequence of dates for specified time period.
Call another module/projectWorkflow / InternalRun another module or project. Optionally, return a result dataset.
Clean upTransform / BasicRemove values from a column using one or more rules. Unlike Filter, it doesn't remove rows but makes cells empty.
Construct JSONTransform / AdvancedRoll up column values into one JSON or one JSON per group.
Convert data typeTransform / BasicConvert column values from one data type (e.g. text) to another (e.g. number).
Create bucketsTransform / AdvancedCreate a column with constant-width ranges (buckets) that another column's values are falling into.
Create listCreate / GenerateCreate a new column by entering or pasting a list of up to 100 values.
Cross mergeTransform / AdvancedCreate a table with all possible combinations (i.e. Cartesian product) of rows in two tables.
Database commandWorkflow / ExternalSend a command to a database (e.g. create a table), or execute an arbitrary SQL statement (e.g. bulk load a file).
Deduplicate rowsTransform / FiltersRemove duplicate rows in entire table based on all or selected columns.
Delete database rowsWorkflow / ExternalDelete rows from a database table using a query condition.
Delete matching database rowsWorkflow / ExternalDelete rows in a database table where key fields match (or don't match) EasyMorph table.
Distribute totalTransform / MathBreak down a total/subtotal proportionally to a group of numbers (weights).
Download fileWorkflow / ExternalDownload a file from the internet over HTTP or FTP and save it.
EasyMorph Server commandWorkflow / App/CloudTrigger a task, or upload/download/delete a file on a remote EasyMorph Server.
Either tableWorkflow / InternalBetween the current table and another table choose the one that is not empty.
Enumerate groupsTransform / AdvancedEnumerate all combinations of values in selected columns.
Enumerate rowsTransform / BasicAdd row counts starting from 1 for entire table or inside groups.
Excel command (experimental)*Workflow / ExternalPerform an action with an Excel spreadsheet.
Export Google SheetsExport / App/CloudExport dataset into a new or existing Google Sheets workbook.
Export as plain textExport / FileExport a column into a file as plain text.
Export datasetExport / FileExport dataset into a file in native EasyMorph format.
Export into Excel fileExport / FileExport current dataset into a new or existing Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx).
Export into Qlik fileExport / FileExport current dataset into a Qlik data file (.qvd).
Export into delimited text fileExport / FileExport current dataset into a delimited text file (e.g. in CSV format).
Export to AirtableExport / App/CloudExport dataset into an Airtable table.
Export to SalesforceExport / App/CloudInsert records into a Salesforce object.
Export to SharePoint listExport / App/CloudAppend rows to SharePoint list.
Export to TableauExport / App/Cloud / FilePublish a data source to Tableau Server/Online, or export into a Hyper or TDE file.
Export to XMLExport / FileExport to XML file.
Export to databaseExport / DatabaseExport current dataset into a database table.
Fetch email*Workflow / ExternalRetrieve emails and generate a table with email attributes (sender, subject, etc.). Save attachments.
File commandWorkflow / ExternalPerform a file operation such as file copying, moving, deleting, or unzipping.
File transferWorkflow / ExternalDownload/upload files over SFTP/SCP.
Fill downTransform / AdvancedFill empty cells down with nearest non-empty value in selected columns.
Fill rightTransform / AdvancedFill empty cells to the right in particular row.
FilterTransform / Basic / FiltersRemove or leave only rows with selected values in a column.
Filter by conditionTransform / FiltersKeep only rows where condition is satisfied (i.e. is true).
Filter by searchTransform / FiltersSearch column values and keep or remove only the matching ones.
Filter by typeTransform / FiltersKeep or remove only rows with values of particular data type (e.g. errors).
Generate documentationWorkflow / ExternalGenerate HTML documentation for an EasyMorph project.
Generate unique identifiersTransform / AdvancedAdd a new column with generated global unique identifiers (GUIDs) for each row.
Google Drive commandWorkflow / App/CloudPerform a Google Drive command.
GroupTransform / AdvancedAssign a group name (or flag) to selected column values.
Halt on conditionWorkflow / InternalStop executing project with an error if condition is true.
Halt on data type mismatchWorkflow / InternalHalt if a column value has a wrong data type.
Import Excel spreadsheetImport / FileImport data from a sheet or range in an Excel spreadsheet.
Import Google SheetsImport / App/CloudImport a sheet from a Google Sheets workbook.
Import JSON from fileImport / FileImport JSON(s) from one or multiple text files.
Import Qlik QVD fileImport / FileImport a Qlik data file (.qvd).
Import SAS fileImport / FileImport a SAS file (.sas7bdat).
Import SPSS fileImport / FileImport a SPSS/PSPP file (.sav).
Import SharePoint listImport / App/CloudImport a SharePoint list or its view.
Import XML fileImport / FileImport data from an XML file.
Import datasetImport / FileImport dataset from a file in the native EasyMorph format.
Import delimited text fileImport / FileImport tabular data from a delimited text file (e.g. in CSV format).
Import fixed width textImport / FileImport tabular data with fixed width columns from a text file.
Import from AirtableImport / App/CloudImports table data from an Airtable base.
Import from Google AnalyticsImport / App/CloudImport metrics from Google Analytics.
Import from PipedriveImport / App/CloudImport data from Pipedrive such as deals, organizations, or persons.
Import from SalesforceImport / App/CloudImports rows from Salesforce object, and, optionally, its child/parent objects.
Import from databaseImport / DatabaseImport table from a relational database using a visual query or custom SQL.
Import plain textImport / FileImport a text file as is without parsing.
Incoming webhooksWorkflow / ExternalReceive incoming webhook requests from EasyMorph Gateway and confirm processing.
InputCreate / InputObtain the input dataset from another project. That project should use the Call action to pass its dataset into this project.
Interval mergeTransform / AdvancedMerge two tables based on whether values in one table are within boundaries defined by two columns in another table.
IterateWorkflow / InternalIterate through table values passing them to another EasyMorph project or module as parameters.
Iterate Web requestWorkflow / App/Cloud / ExternalSend multiple uniform HTTP requests to an endpoint and capture the responses.
Iterate columnWorkflow / InternalPass a dataset column by column into another module/project and append results back into one dataset.
Iterate program*Workflow / ExternalRun an external application once per each line in table.
Iterate tableWorkflow / InternalIterate through table values passing them to another EasyMorph project or module as parameters together with another table.
Keep duplicatesTransform / FiltersKeep only duplicate rows based on all or selected columns.
Keep min/maxTransform / FiltersKeep/remove rows with biggest/smallest values.
Keep/remove columnsTransform / BasicKeep or remove selected columns.
Keep/remove matchingTransform / FiltersKeep or remove only rows with values that exist in another table.
Label columnsTransform / AdvancedMake column names from one or more top rows.
Linear regressionTransform / MathCalculate simple linear regression for a series of values.
List of filesCreate / GenerateGenerate a list of files in a specified folder. Optionally, scan folders recursively.
List of foldersCreate / GenerateGenerate a list of folders in a specified folder. Optionally, scan folders recursively.
LookupTransform / BasicAdd or replace a column using a lookup table. It's similar to VLOOKUP function in Excel.
Make date/time columnsTransform / AdvancedCreate column(s) with date attributes such as year, quarter, or week number.
MatchTransform / AdvancedFind if values of a column match values in another table.
Merge another tableTransform / BasicMerge columns from another table where certain columns match, using lookup or join mode.
Modify column(s)Transform / Basic / MathReplace values in one or more columns using expressions.
OneDrive commandWorkflow / App/CloudPerform a OneDrive command such as download or upload a file.
Parameter tableCreate / GenerateCreate a 1-line table with project or module parameters values as columns.
Parse JSONTransform / AdvancedParse one or more JSONs into a tabular dataset.
Parse XMLTransform / AdvancedParse XML data into a tabular dataset.
PeekTransform / BasicTake a single value from another table (e.g. total) and append it as a new column.
PivotTransform / AdvancedCreate a matrix table from a straight table.
Power BI commandWorkflow / App/CloudPerform a Power BI command.
PowerShell*Workflow / ExternalExecute one or more PowerShell commands.
Project metadataImport / FileGenerate lists of actions, connectors, parameters, and similar metadata of one or multiple EasyMorph projects.
Qlik Sense commandWorkflow / App/CloudExecute a Qlik Sense command remotely.
Regular expressionTransform / AdvancedCreate a new column with regular expression matches
Remove empty columnsTransform / AdvancedRemove columns where all values are the same or empty.
Remove empty rowsTransform / AdvancedRemove rows where all values are empty or whitespace.
Rename columnsTransform / BasicRename one or more columns.
Rename columns with lookupTransform / AdvancedRename multiple columns using a lookup table.
Reorder columnsTransform / BasicRe-order columns in table.
RepeatWorkflow / InternalRecursively call another module/project until its result table becomes empty.
Repeat rowsTransform / AdvancedRepeat each row as many times as specified in given column.
ReplaceTransform / BasicReplace selected values in a column with new ones.
Replace with lookupTransform / AdvancedReplace substrings in one or many columns using a lookup table.
RuleTransform / BasicMultiple nested if/then/else conditions used to calculate a column.
Run program*Workflow / ExternalRun an external application. If no application specified the command line will be executed as a Windows shell command.
Running totalTransform / MathCalculate rank, cumulative count, sum or percent from total sum for a column.
SSH command*Workflow / ExternalConnect to a remote computer using SSH and execute one or more commands.
SandboxCreate / InputTemporary table for ad hoc data manipulations.
Sanitize textTransform / AdvancedRemove hidden system characters, extra spaces, and line breaks.
Select columns by lookupTransform / AdvancedSelect columns which names exist in another table.
Select matching database rowsImport / DatabaseSelect rows in a database table where key fields match EasyMorph table.
Send emailWorkflow / ExternalSend an email with attachment to one or more recipients.
SequenceCreate / GenerateGenerate a sequence of numbers starting from 1.
SharePoint commandWorkflow / App/CloudPerform a SharePoint command such as downloading, uploading, or deleting a file.
Shared memoryWorkflow / InternalRemember and recall values from shared key-value storage.
Shift column up/downTransform / AdvancedShift column values up or down.
Skip actions on conditionWorkflow / InternalSkip the rest of actions in table if condition is true.
SortTransform / BasicSort table by one or more columns.
Split delimited fileImport / FileSplit a delimited text file into smaller files based on row count, or column values.
Split delimited text into columnsTransform / AdvancedSplit text values that are delimited with a separator into columns.
Split delimited text into rowsTransform / AdvancedSplit text values delimited by a separator into multiple rows.
Split fixed width textTransform / AdvancedSplit text values with fixed width columns into multiple columns.
Spreadsheet metadataImport / FileCreate a list with names of all sheets in a spreadsheet.
Start/finish exclusive accessWorkflow / InternalEnsure exclusive access to a resource.
Statistical aggregationTransform / MathCalculate one or more statistical functions for specified column.
StatusWorkflow / InternalUpdate project execution status.
SynchronizeWorkflow / InternalWait until another table is calculated.
Table metadataTransform / AdvancedProduce a table with the current dataset's metadata: column names, total row and column counts.
Table-wide replaceTransform / AdvancedRemove or replace a value across selected columns.
Tableau Server commandWorkflow / App/CloudTrigger a Tableau Server/Online action remotely.
Total/subtotalsTransform / MathColumn total or group subtotals added as a new column.
Trim tableTransform / FiltersKeep or remove a fixed number of rows from the top or the bottom of table.
Trim table by conditionTransform / FiltersRemove rows above or below the first row where a condition is satisfied.
UnpivotTransform / AdvancedConvert a matrix table into a straight table.
Update database table*Workflow / ExternalUpdates a database table with data from EasyMorph.
Update/Delete rows in SharePoint list*Workflow / App/CloudChange or delete rows in a SharePoint list.
Update/delete records in Salesforce*Workflow / App/CloudUpdate/delete records in a Salesforce object.
Update/delete rows in Airtable*Workflow / App/CloudUpdate or delete rows in a table in Airtable
WaitWorkflow / InternalPause project execution for the specified number of seconds.
Web requestWorkflow / App/Cloud / ExternalSend an HTTP request and capture the response.
XSLT transformationWorkflow / ExternalTransform an XML file using an XSLT stylesheet.

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