Data transformation with more clarity, less effort

Data transformation isn't easy. One of its main challenges is it's highly prone to human errors and data quality issues. To address this challenge, we've rethought data transformation from the ground up. As a result, EasyMorph brings more clarity into calculations, and makes authoring simpler.

  • Data in tables can be transformed step-by-step, by applying various transformations one after another. Alternatively, change data on the fly and EasyMorph will automatically create necessary transformations for you.
  • You can easily trace a calculation back to the point where it went wrong as if you had a "time machine". Just click any previous transformation step to see its result.
  • EasyMorph instantly re-calculates all dependent transformation steps and you can immediately see how a change affects the final result, without re-running anything.

Here is what it looks like (looped 2-minute animation):

animated demo

120+ built-in actions and transforms

EasyMorph has been created by people with many years of practical experience in data transformation. This, plus continuous improvement based on analysis of hundreds of cases have made EasyMorph a very powerful and versatile tool suitable for the vast majority of real-life scenarios.

No matter if you need to perform an advanced calculation, merge datasets, or apply a complex business rule you will be able to do this in a fast and visual way by using one or several transforms from more than 120 available actions in EasyMorph.

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Use cases

Business users from finance, manufacturing, consumer products, technology and other industries use EasyMorph for self-service data preparation without relying on IT specialists. Here is just a few examples of what you can do with it:

  • Prepare and transform data for reporting and data analysis.
  • Merge multiple spreadsheets and upload them into a database.
  • Cleanse, transform and upload text files into a Data Warehouse.
  • Extract data from a Data Warehouse without knowing SQL, merge the data with local spreadsheets.
  • Identify data quality issues and automatically fix them.
  • Prepare survey data, or data submitted through web-forms.
  • Replace VBA macros with visual workflows.
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