Ever wondered if ETL could be easier

Building reliable data pipelines doesn’t have to be hard. EasyMorph is a software tool that helps IT professionals manipulate and transform data up to 80% faster by offering ultimate data clarity.

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180+ built-in actions

Your ETL tool is supposed to make your job easier.

Data preparation and transformation

Let’s face it: data transformation isn’t easy. Even on a slow day, you need to wrangle millions of rows of data from multiple sources while trying to solve data quality issues and avoid human error.

But, traditional ETL technology doesn’t adequately solve these problems:

  • The UI isn’t intuitive, and it takes too long to learn the basics.
  • When workflows fail, it’s hard to tell why.
  • Licensing costs are too high for the product value.
  • Configuration options are severely limited or require coding.
  • Workflows take forever to calculate.

Data transformation doesn’t have to be so stressful. You need a reliable ETL tool for data manipulation that's less clunky and more transparent.

Want to learn why your ETL tool is falling short?

EasyMorph drastically simplifies data automation and overcomes the shortcomings of traditional data tools because it leverages modern computer technology, not available in the 1990s, when the concept of visual ETL tools was invented.

Read our whitepaper "Modern data transformation re-thought from scratch" that describes how a fresh look at data transformation led to creating EasyMorph.

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Imagine being 4x more productive on a daily basis…

EasyMorph is an easy-to-use ETL tool that uses a powerful in-memory engine to help IT professionals easily create data transformations and process automation that would otherwise be tedious to program in other tools, like Talend, PowerQuery, or Alteryx.

  • Build error-free workflows faster than you thought possible.
  • Effortlessly manage multiple data flows for your clients.
  • Create dynamic automations based on complicated logic.
  • Detect data quality issues that would typically go unnoticed.
  • Collaborate on workflows with business-end users.

Thanks to the in-memory engine, you can finally see and control what’s happening with your data at every single step, so you can deliver more reliable data transformations and reach your goals faster.

Data preparation and transformation
So far for a data blending tool I have tested 6 options and Easymorph has actually been the closest from a simplicity and functionality point of view, when compared to the most common actions I used to do in Alteryx (non predictive data blending / cleansing). It seems to be the perfect tool from both a price and required functionality point of view in order to get the base reporting and tableau insights setup.
After more than 18 months with easymorph, I can say that I absolutely love this tool. It really helps me a lot and there are so many use cases. Really a great product and I am absolutely happy that I have "found" it and that I could convince my CIO that easymorph is the right tool for our use case. He’s happy with the decision, too :).
Jochen M.

Here’s why EasyMorph is your
data Swiss Army knife:

180+ Built-in Actions

Perform any combination of data operations.

Import, transform, and automate data from multiple sources in minutes inside EasyMorph’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Choose from a robust selection of over 180 transformational and non-transformational actions, like sending emails or file manipulations, that help you connect the dots between complex data sets and get any job done quickly.

Simplify any task in record time.

100% Workflow Clarity

Gain ultimate data visibility.

See the full output (not just the top 1000 rows or so) of every transformation step, even if your workflow involves millions of rows or hundreds of steps.

Profile and analyze any column or entire tables at any step, directly inside the workflow editor.

When an action step or data set is added or changed, EasyMorph pro-actively re-calculates all dependent steps. So you won’t have to wait forever for the entire workflow to re-run from the beginning.

100% Workflow Clarity

Advanced Automation Capabilities

Automate tedious routines in minutes.

Easily create process automation on the fly using built-in conditional logic, branching, loops, and complex calculation parameters.

With dozens of built-in non-transforming actions available, you’ll be able to automate tedious manual routines, like sending emails, file manipulations, web requests, and file transfers in just a few clicks—even if they don’t include data transformation.

Advanced Automation Capabilities

Modern Processing Engine

Cut time spent debugging in half.

Instantly validate every transformation in your data pipeline, even if you’re processing millions of rows, in a single click.

The ultra-fast calculation engine uses automatic parallelization, concurrency modules, and in-memory data compression to make filtering, profiling, or merging large data files super fast, even on an average laptop.

Modern Processing Engine

50+ Enterprise & Cloud Integrations

Connect to your existing software in a snap.

Using over 50 built-in integrations, easily import data from sources your business already relies on, such as Salesforce and Power BI.

Connect, cleanse, and transform data from your existing tech stack in just a few clicks—at any point in your workflows—even if you’re using multiple tools that don’t traditionally work together.

50+ Enterprise & Cloud Integrations

Real-time API integrations

Expand your data connection capabilities.

Besides simplifying ETL, EasyMorph also makes deploying real-time web APIs easier than ever.

Deploy your own (REST) API endpoints, send and receive JSON/XML payloads and cloud webhooks — all without writing a single line of code, using the same visual workflows as for ETL.

Seamless API Integrations

Simple, flat pricing you can rely on:

Features Basic Server Team Server Enterprise Server
All actions and integrations
Users that run Server workflows Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Active Directory authentication
Max server RAM, GB 32 64 128+
Starting price
(includes 1 Pro user license)
$3900 / yr $6900 / yr $9900 / yr
Book a demo Book a demo Book a demo

Our guarantee:

EasyMorph is your golden ticket to future-ready data transformation.

Unlike cloud-based SaaS platforms, EasyMorph is committed to 100% transparency.
The free desktop version really is free, and you’re never tied to a lengthy contract.

No Data Limits

Even the free edition of EasyMorph has no limits on workflow runs or data volumes processed monthly, and all the integrations are included.

No Contract Lock-In

After the initial year subscription, your annual Professional license can be replaced with a perpetual license without updates or email support.

Price Lock Guarantee

Your annual Pro pricing is fixed based on the date of purchase and is guaranteed to remain the same, as long as renewals don't lapse.

Customer Spotlight:

More efficient ETL helped Credigy
be 4x more productive.

Credigy signifcantly improved data processing throughtput and freed up to 4x additional time for data analysis with EasyMorph
Casey Adams,
Senior Director of IT and Data Strategy

Still have questions about EasyMorph?

How do I know EasyMorph can handle my data workload?

EasyMorph can process huge datasets quickly because it uses advanced data compression techniques and is specifically designed to work with tabular data.

How is my data protected within EasyMorph?

Unlike cloud-based ETL tools, EasyMorph does not live in the cloud. It’s a dedicated Windows application that uses fast in-memory engine to process your data transformations.

That means everything is stored on YOUR computer instead of in the cloud.

How can I learn how to use EasyMorph effectively?

EasyMorph is specifically designed to be easy to understand. Even a non-technical person could learn how to use it in just 30 minutes using our detailed Tutorials.

Plus, the active Community of users of all skill levels is a great resource for solving challenging problems or getting over a roadblock you can’t figure out on your own.

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Why pay for EasyMorph when there are free tools?

Those so-called free tools are often missing critical features or functionality that you need to be productive on a daily basis.

What you might be saving in monthly subscription costs, you will pay in labor to customize, configure, or supplement the free tool.

But, paid software licenses can offer a total cost of ownership that ends up being more cost-effective and beneficial to your bottom line than “free” software. That’s exactly why we priced EasyMorph the way that we did!

What devices can I use EasyMorph on?

EasyMorph is designed for and most effectively runs on 64-bit Windows machines (virtual and not).

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