Download EasyMorph Desktop

  • EasyMorph comes only in a 64-bit version and only for Windows.
  • The Community forum is the best place to ask questions "how to do this or that in EasyMorph". The forum also has tons of questions already answered with ready-to-use examples.
  • EasyMorph works in the time-unlimited free edition mode unless a valid license key is applied. Compare editions.
  • The best way to get started with EasyMorph on your own is to scan through the tutorial and explore the examples that come pre-installed with EasyMorph (you can find them on the Start page of the application).

Short-term release roadmap

This is what keeps us busy for the next few months. The short-term roadmap should not be perceived as our obligation or commitment. We reserve the right to change it at any moment without notice.

Version What When
6.1 Triggers for EasyMorph Server tasks.
6.0 Lists of issues in Catalog boards. New actions: Raise issue. Server: users, user groups, and user roles.
5.7 Boards in the Catalog. Board sections: metrics, speed dial, text. New action: Email Command. New Server UI.
5.6.1 Dataset editor in the "Import dataset" action. Append mode in the "Export dataset" action. New EasyMorph Server command: Find files recursively. File Manager: Opening local and remote files with an external application.

Release history

Version Change log Release notes
5.6 New Catalog item: Metric (KPI). New connector: Dropbox. New actions: Azure Blob Storage Command, Dropbox Command, Compare tables, Natural Merge. New Catalog commands: Get metric, Set metric. New File commands: Zip list of files, Zip folder. New EasyMorph Server command: Create folder. Auto-save in EasyMorph Desktop. File Manager: zipping local files and folders, unzipping files, copying local files, copying local folders. Download PDF
5.5 Desktop: File browser. New Catalog items: Remote file, Remote folder. New action: "To-do". Tableau Hyper is now supported by default (support for TDE moved to an add-on). Download PDF
5.4.3 The Basic edition of EasyMorph Server. New option in the "Add data" menu: Retrieve Catalog item. Buttons "Publish to Catalog" and "Open from Catalog" in the Workflow Editor. Download PDF
5.4.2 New connector: Google Search Console. New actions: "Roll up", "Import from Google Search Console". Amazon S3 commands: Create/Delete folder. OneDrive commands: Create/Rename/Delete folder. SharePoint commands: Create/Rename/Delete folder. Command "List sheets" in "Import from Google Sheets". Download PDF
CSViewer v2.0 Charts and cross-tables. Support for .dset files. Start screen. Load progress indication.