Illustrated tutorials with links to relevant examples. Unless you're already an EasyMorph guru you will probably discover here something new for you. It's also worth scanning through if you're just curious about EasyMorph. Start with learning how to design EasyMorph workflows:

Basics (start here!)

Advanced Workflows


Besides data preparation, EasyMorph workflows can be used for browsing and retrieving data, simple business automation, and building internal applications. Learn what else you can do with workflows as an individual and as a team (more articles to be published soon).

Individual Use

Collective Use

EasyMorph comes with a few pre-installed examples that can be found on the Start screen of the application. Every example comes with an illustrated PDF description showing how to use it.

A few more examples can be downloaded on the examples page.

Also, answers on the Community forum frequently include helpful example projects that you can download and use right away.

easymorph community

You're welcome to join our online EasyMorph Community forum. There you can ask questions how to do this or that in EasyMorph, and get answers from the EasyMorph team or other community members.

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web help

Detailed description of transformations and functions with useful examples is available on EasyMorph Web Help. It also includes articles on expressions, type system, command line arguments and other topics.

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Our YouTube channel provides a variety of educational videos in English and a few other European languages. Subcribe to the channel to get notified about new videos.

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