Don't ask the IT guys. Do it yourself.

Don't ask the IT guys.
Do it yourself.

Visual workflows that automate your work

With EasyMorph, you design visually (i.e. without coding) workflows that perform calculations, transform data in tables, as well as automate operations such as renaming files or sending emails.

The workflows are repeatable. After you design a workflow, you can repeat (run) it many times with a single button click or on schedule, and thus eliminate tedious routines of your daily work.

Visual workflows that automate your work

Powerful, configurable actions

Workflows in EasyMorph are composed from actions which are the building blocks of a workflow. The actions are another time-saving feature of EasyMorph, because with just one action you can quickly perform a rather complex operation such as calculating a new column, filtering, merging two tables, or appending multiple spreadsheets into one table. EasyMorph offers more than 150 actions for any case, so we've got you covered.

Here is what it looks like:

Powerful, configurable actions

Hint: To design a workflow, simply drag the necessary actions from a list and drop them on a table, one after another.

What you can do with EasyMorph

The spectrum of tasks that can be automated with EasyMorph workflows is immense. Here are just some of them:

  • Consolidate multiple spreadsheets into one
  • Merge data from different sources (e.g. from a database and a spreadsheet)
  • Validate data correctness in text files and spreadsheets, fix problems automatically
  • Send out multiple personalized emails with attachments such as spreadsheets
  • Query databases without knowing SQL
  • Collect files in various formats and bring them to a standard format
  • Generate reports from Excel templates
What you can do with EasyMorph

Is EasyMorph too difficult for you?

While Excel operates with cells and formulas, EasyMorph operates with tables, columns, and actions. It's a different principle but it's not hard to learn. The puzzles below use the same principle as EasyMorph. If you can solve them, you can already use EasyMorph.

Try this interactive puzzle:

Goal: Remove the duplicate (i.e. repeating) numbers. Drag an available action onto the table to change data in the table.

Interactive puzzle
The interactive puzzle requires a bigger screen (at least 926px wide).

Powerful, versatile data tool for non-technical people

Since we released the first version of EasyMorph in 2015, it has made life easier for non-technical people in finance, marketing, human resources, consulting, and logistics. Thousands of people on all 5 continents rely on EasyMorph every day. The most frequent feedback we receive from our customers is "I wish I had EasyMorph 10 years ago. It would've saved me so much time".

500+ organizations

25+ countries

10000+ users


EasyMorph Desktop pricing starts from ... $0. So you don't have to spend money to start using EasyMorph for simple tasks.

Desktop edition Free Professional
Price per user $0 $900 / yr
Actions per workflow Up to 20 Unlimited

EasyMorph Server is optional and its pricing starts from $3000/year. It's great for team collaboration and running workflows on schedule.

Get started with EasyMorph

Get started with EasyMorph