Take control of your business data preparation.

EasyMorph helps busy professionals wrangle messy data from multiple sources easier and faster than ever — without relying on IT — so they can make important business decisions.

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180+ built-in actions

Is manual data wrangling in Excel stressing you out?

Data preparation and transformation

Your business systems are generating millions of bits of data every day. Data you need to make decisions and support your customers.

But preparing that data—extracting, merging, sorting, and analyzing—is easier said than done.

  • You have tons of mismatched data from multiple sources.
  • Your spreadsheets can't handle all the data.
  • Your IT department takes weeks to find a solution.

So you’re stuck trying to figure it out on your own.

You need a trustworthy solution to prepare data and automate repetitive tasks—without getting IT involved.

Make sense of data without jumping through hoops.

EasyMorph is a visual data preparation tool designed to help busy professionals gain absolute control over their data without being dependent on IT.

So you can...

  • Merge huge data sets quickly.
  • Respond faster to data requests from stakeholders.
  • Build BI reports and databases without code.
  • Automate time-consuming, repetitive data tasks.
  • Maintain visibility at each stage of data preparation.

If you spend most of your day staring at Excel spreadsheets, thinking there must be a better way — you're in the right place.

Think of EasyMorph like your data superpower.

Data preparation and transformation
So far for a data blending tool I have tested 6 options and Easymorph has actually been the closest from a simplicity and functionality point of view, when compared to the most common actions I used to do in Alteryx (non predictive data blending / cleansing). It seems to be the perfect tool from both a price and required functionality point of view in order to get the base reporting and tableau insights setup.
After more than 18 months with easymorph, I can say that I absolutely love this tool. It really helps me a lot and there are so many use cases. Really a great product and I am absolutely happy that I have "found" it and that I could convince my CIO that easymorph is the right tool for our use case. He’s happy with the decision, too :).
Jochen M.

Spend 4x less time wrangling data
and more time making smart decisions.

Visual Workflow Builder

Build intuitive automation without code.

Use over 180 built-in actions to design repeatable workflows that perform calculations, transform data in tables, as well as automate operations such as renaming files or sending emails.

Run these powerful automations on a schedule or with a single button click and instantly be more productive than ever.

Build intuitive automation without code.

Drag-and-Drop Action Library

Simplify any task in record time.

Eliminate task anxiety with an exhaustive library of over 180 drag-and-drop actions that can be combined to perform any data preparation task.

Our action library is constantly being updated based on customer requests and market shifts. So you’re never without a solution to your workflow challenges, no matter how much your business or the industry changes.

Simplify any task in record time.

50+ Native and API Integrations

Connect with all your data and apps.

Streamline your data preparation process and minimize back and forth with over 50 available native integrations that connect EasyMorph to your existing data sources and business technology.

Plus, the database connection makes your ability to connect, extract, and transform ALL your data almost limitless. All without any programming knowledge.

Connect with all your data and apps.

Supportive Community and Tutorials

Get expert knowledge and support when you need it.

Learn how to use EasyMorph yourself in just 30 minutes using our detailed, easy-to-learn tutorials for both non-technical and advanced users.

If you run into a roadblock that you can’t figure out, quickly ask for help from a huge community of experienced EasyMorph users who are happy to share their experience and knowledge.

Get expert knowledge and support when you need it.

Easy-to-use data automation
for less than the cost of your daily latte:

Desktop edition Free Professional
Actions per workflow Up to 20 Unlimited
Advanced actions
Price per user $0 $900 / yr
Get started Buy License

Easy-to-use data automation
for less than the cost of your daily latte:

Desktop edition Free
Price per user $0
Actions per workflow Up to 20
Advanced actions
Desktop edition Professional
Price per user $900 / yr
Actions per workflow Unlimited
Advanced actions

Our guarantee:

EasyMorph is your golden ticket to future-ready data transformation.

Unlike cloud-based SaaS platforms, EasyMorph is committed to 100% transparency.
The free desktop version really is free, and you’re never tied to a lengthy contract.

No Data Limits

Even the free edition of EasyMorph has no limits on workflow runs or data volumes processed monthly, and all the integrations are included.

No Contract Lock-In

After the initial year subscription, your annual Professional license can be replaced with a perpetual license without updates or email support.

Price Lock Guarantee

Your annual Pro pricing is fixed based on the date of purchase and is guaranteed to remain the same, as long as renewals don't lapse.

Still have questions about EasyMorph?

How do I know EasyMorph can handle my data preparation workload?

Without getting too technical…EasyMorph can process huge data files quickly because it uses advanced compression techniques and is specifically designed to work with tabular data.

How can I check if EasyMorph will be compatible with my current technology?

EasyMorph integrates seamlessly with over 50 popular software tools, including Excel, Power BI, and Tableau. Check out a full list of our integrations here.

How is my data protected within EasyMorph?

Unlike many software tools, EasyMorph does not live in the cloud. It’s a dedicated desktop application that uses in-memory storage to process your data transformations. That means your data is always stored on YOUR computer instead of in the cloud.

How can I be sure I can understand EasyMorph before I commit?

EasyMorph is specifically designed to be simple to use and easy to learn, but learning a new software tool can always be daunting.

To help you evaluate before taking the plunge, we offer a free edition of EasyMorph. Try it and see if it works for you.

How can I learn how to use EasyMorph effectively?

Between our detailed tutorials and a very active user community, learning how to use EasyMorph is super easy, even if you’re non-technical. Plus, if you sign up for our email newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn, you can get convenient access to the juiciest highlights from the community.

Why pay for EasyMorph’s Desktop Pro version when there are free tools?

The reality is that no technology is truly free, even open-source tools with permissive licenses. What you save in subscription costs, you make up for in the time you spent configuring or customizing the free software to suit your needs. Or, if you have to supplement the software with another tool.

Commercial software with a paid license can be more cost-effective than "free" software if it provides better work productivity gains. That’s exactly why we priced EasyMorph the way that we did!

What devices can I use EasyMorph on?

EasyMorph is designed for and most effectively runs on Windows devices running a 64-bit installation.