Data transformation and task automation server

EasyMorph Server is a data transformation (ETL), integration, and automation server designed for self-service, privacy, and simple administration. It is installed on-premises (e.g. on a cloud VM instance) and is accessed via a web-browser. The Server runs workflows designed in EasyMorph Desktop. Its typical use cases are:

  • Scheduled data preparation and heavy ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tasks
  • Event-based or scheduled integration between enterprise and cloud applications
  • Automation of repetitive, routine data-related tasks
  • Data collection and publishing
  • Offloading computationally heavy automation tasks from Desktops

Extract and transform data, automate data flows

Extract data from databases, spreadsheets, files, corporate applications, and web APIs. Run complex automated workflows that consolidate, transform, and aggregate data using more than 150 various actions. Integrate with external systems in a few clicks using dozens of available integrations. EasyMorph Server is a powerful enterprise-grade ETL tool designed from the ground up for ease of use and simple administration.

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Enable self-service data automation

Enable self-service data automation and foster citizen developers in your organization by providing business users with an easy-to-administer, auditable automation server. Let your non-technical colleagues and teammates create, publish and schedule data automations tasks in a self-service manner to help them achieve their business goals. Intergrate with other no-code solutions using the Server's web API.

Simplify access to data for everyone

data catalog

Organize and access your internal and external data sources with a centralized searchable data catalog. Let your business users retrieve data from files, databases, enterprise applications, web APIs, cloud storage through a simple uniform user interface. Find and access BI reports or any other supported data asset right from the catalog. Publish and share new data sources in a governable self-service manner.

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Integrate cloud and on-prem applications

cloud intergration with on-premises

Send data and near real-time notifications from cloud applications or IoT devices to on-premises databases and internal APIs with the help of our end-to-end encrypted cloud gateway*. Pass data and trigger on-premises workflows in EasyMorph Server from automation services such as Zapier or Power Automate or on events (webhooks) from cloud applications.

* EasyMorph Gateway is an optional cloud-based service billed separately.

Schedule Server tasks to run once, hourly, continuously, daily, weekly, or monthly.
File server
Upload source data, download processed files or share them with your team. EasyMorph Server comes with a built-in file server.
Data privacy
EasyMorph always processes data locally. No data is sent to the cloud. Optional dataset encryption helps secure data at rest.
Server API
Trigger EasyMorph Server tasks from external applications using a cross-platform command-line tool, a .NET SDK, or the Server's REST API.
EasyMorph automatically generates a human-readable description of each workflow in plain English.
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The Server journal records task runs and user actions for audit and governance.


A 7-minute video overview of EasyMorph Server shows creating and running parameterized ETL tasks, uploading and downloading files, and configuring spaces.

Try EasyMorph Server on your own. Installation is easy.

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