Data transformation and task automation server

EasyMorph Server is a data transformation (ETL) and task automation application designed for teams and organizations with limited or no IT support. It's is installed on-premises (or on a cloud VM instance) and is accessed via a web-browser. The Server is easy to install, configure, and use because it was created with a non-technical user in mind. It runs workflows designed in EasyMorph Desktop. Its typical use cases are:

  • Scheduled data preparation and ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) jobs
  • Integration and data exchange between enterprise and cloud applications
  • Automation of repetitive, routine data-related tasks
  • Data collection and publishing
  • Offloading computationally heavy tasks from desktops

Extract and transform data, automate data flows

Extract data from databases, spreadsheets, files, corporate applications, and web APIs. Run complex automated workflows that consolidate, transform, and aggregate data using more than 120 various actions. Integrate with external systems in a few clicks.

Thanks to its fast, high-performance in-memory engine EasyMorph Server quickly processes datasets with millions and tens of millions of records, even on inexpensive machines.

Keep full control of sensitive data

EasyMorph Server is installed on your Windows machine (virtual or not) therefore you have full control of your sensitive data. At any moment, you know exactly where your sensitive data is and who can access it. EasyMorph Server securely processes all data in-memory, on-premises. No information is sent to the cloud or shared with a 3rd party. Optional dataset encryption helps secure data at rest, if necessary.

Task scheduling

Use the Server to transform data, move files, receive/send emails, and perform other tasks on schedule — hourly, daily, or on particular days of week or month. Parameterize tasks, if needed. Trigger tasks manually right from a web browser or programmatically via a REST API.

File collection and sharing

EasyMorph Server comes with a built-in Web File Manager that makes collecting files and publishing data easy. Browse files on EasyMorph Server, upload, and download files right from a web browser.

API and SDK for integration with 3rd party systems

EasyMorph Server can integrate with external systems for cross-system data flows. External systems can automatically trigger Server tasks and upload/download files using the EasyMorph Server REST API. To facilitate using the API, an open-source EasyMorph Server .NET SDK is available and the Server command-line client.

Server pricing

Team Server
Enterprise Server
Task scheduler
File hosting with web UI
Separated user spaces
Users that can create workflows See Desktop pricing See Desktop pricing
Users that run tasks from web UI Unlimited Unlimited
Running tasks under different Windows accounts
User authentication using Active Directory
Technical support Email support
Community forum
Email support
Community forum
Price per server $3,000/yr $6,000/yr
Buy license Buy license

Upgrading from Team Server to Enterprise Server

It is possible to upgrade from Team to Enterprise Server at any time by paying the price difference.

No Price Increase Guarantee

The annual price is guaranteed to never increase and remain the same as long as renewals do not lapse.

180-day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with EasyMorph Server during the first 180 days starting from the payment date, we will refund you the full cost paid for EasyMorph Server and related Desktop licenses. No strings attached.

Discounted Starter Bundles

1 EasyMorph Team Server + 5 EasyMorph Professional + training + updates + support = $5,400/year.

1 EasyMorph Enterprise Server + 5 EasyMorph Professional + training + updates + support = $7,800/year.

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A 7-minute video overview of EasyMorph Server shows creating and running parameterized ETL tasks, uploading and downloading files, and configuring spaces. Book a full demo with us.


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