Data transformation and task automation for teams

EasyMorph Server is a data transformation (ETL) and task automation hub optimized for analytical teams with limited or no IT support. The Server is easy to install, configure, and use. It runs workflows created using the desktop editions of EasyMorph (including the free edition). Its typical use cases are:

  • Scheduled data preparation and ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) jobs.
  • Automation of repetitive, routine tasks.
  • Data collection and publishing.
  • Data quality monitoring, rule-based alerts and notifications.
  • Offloading computationally heavy tasks from desktops.


Run data transformation and automation tasks on schedule — hourly, daily, or on particular days of week or month. Create rule-based alerts (e.g. on data quality issues). Specify parameters for each task individually, e.g. report date or source folder path.

File collection and sharing

Collect source data from colleagues, partners and 3rd parties via email or SFTP or web. Share processed data with your team. Upload and download files right from a web-browser. EasyMorph Server is ready for hosting in the cloud, or on premises.

Collaboration on data and workflows

Upload and share datasets with your team in just two clicks. Publish visual database queries and data preparation workflows so that others can reuse and modify them.
EasyMorph Server can also be used as a fast, simple data storage to host data for workflows executed on Desktops.

Integration with 3rd party systems

EasyMorph Server can integrate with external systems and extend their automation capabilities. External systems can automatically trigger Server tasks and upload/download files using the REST API. To facilitate using the API an open-source EasyMorph Server .NET SDK is available, as well as the Server command-line client.


Please request a quote at . 30-day free trials are available on request.

Task scheduler
Web file manager
Autogenerated documentation
Users that run tasks and use files Unlimited
Users that can create workflows Licensed separately
Technical support Email support
Price per server $2400/year
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Starter Bundle For Teams

1 EasyMorph Server license + 5 EasyMorph Professional licenses + free training + support = $4,950/year.

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Task list
Server log
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