Data transformation and task automation for teams

EasyMorph Server is a data transformation (ETL) and task automation hub designed for analytical teams with limited or no IT support. The Server is easy to install, configure, and use. It runs workflows created using the desktop editions of EasyMorph (including the free edition). Its typical use cases are:

  • Scheduled data preparation and ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) jobs.
  • Automation of repetitive, routine data-related tasks.
  • Data collection and publishing.
  • Offloading computationally heavy tasks from desktops.
  • Data exchange and integration with other systems and applications.

Collaboration on data and workflows

Share your findings with your team — exchange even large datasets via EasyMorph Server in just two clicks. Publish workflow templates and database queries so that others can reuse and modify them.

No more hassle with network folders — EasyMorph Server is a fast, secure data storage to host data for workflows executed on Desktops and the Server.

Task scheduling

Use the Server to transform data, move files, receive/send emails, and perform other tasks on schedule — hourly, daily, or on particular days of week or month. Run tasks manually, if needed. Schedule rule-based alerts to monitor data quality issues.

File collection and sharing

Collect source data from colleagues, partners and 3rd parties via a web browser. Publish reports and data extracts for your team. EasyMorph Server is ready for hosting in the cloud, or on premises.

Integration with 3rd party systems

EasyMorph Server can integrate with external systems and extend their automation capabilities. External systems can automatically trigger Server tasks and upload/download files using the EasyMorph Server API. To facilitate using the API an open-source EasyMorph Server .NET SDK is available, as well as the Server command-line client.


Team Server
Enterprise Server
Data hosting
Task scheduler
Web file manager
Integration with Active Directory for user authentication
Users that run tasks and use files Unlimited Unlimited
Users that can create workflows Licensed separately Licensed separately
Technical support Email support
Email support
Price per server $2,400/yr $3,600/yr
Buy license Buy license

Cloud-hosted EasyMorph Server

We can host EasyMorph Server in the cloud for you, so that you don't have to deal with the technical complexities of cloud hosting and server administration. The pricing is defined on a case by case basis as it strongly depends on usage profile (data volume, number of users, etc.). Ask us about details.

180-day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with EasyMorph Server during the first 180 days starting from the payment date, we will refund you the full cost paid for EasyMorph Server and related Desktop licenses. No strings attached.

Starter Bundle For Teams

1 EasyMorph Team Server + 5 EasyMorph Professional + training + updates + support = $4,950/year.

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Real-time server log
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