EasyMorph Server

Enterprise hyper-automation platform. A jack of all trades for your data.

  • Easy installation & administration
  • Flat price, unlimited users, unlimited usage
  • Runs on a cloud VM or on-premises

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EasyMorph Server

Enterprise-grade ETL tool

Run on demand or schedule hundreds and thousands of complex workflows that perform extracting, transforming, and loading data into databases, enterprise applications, and files using more than 180 built-in actions (transformations) and 50+ enterprise integrations.

EasyMorph Server has everything that is expected from an enterprise-grade ETL application.

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Enterprise-grade ETL tool

Internal web APIs

Deploy your own web (REST) APIs server that can process a million HTTP requests per day using visual workflows instead of coding. Rapidly design APIs for databases, internal applications and legacy systems.

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Internal web APIs

Enhanced Business Intelligence

Unify, link, and explore in one portal all data from your business applications, as well as metrics (KPIs) and BI dashboards such as Tableau or Power BI.

Get alerts, collaborate on pending issues, and manage work of your team or organization in one integrated and cost-effective environment.

Enhanced Business Intelligence


Built-in file server

EasyMorph Server comes with a built-in web file manager. Browse, upload, and download files required for ETL tasks or generated by workflows right from a web-browser.


To manage multiple departments and teams, EasyMorph Server offers spaces — isolated user workgroups with their own workflows and data connectors.

Cloud integration

EasyMorph Server can be connected to EasyMorph Gateway, a cloud service for integration with external and cloud application via real-time webhooks.

Email notifications

Email notifications about failed workflows and server configuration warnings.

Active Directory

Use of Active Directory for user authentication.


Isolated Windows processes that run tasks and spaces operations under separate Windows accounts.

Desktop license management

Assign and transfer EasyMorph Desktop licenses.


The Server journal records workflow runs as well as user actions for audit and governance.

Server CLI and .NET SDK

Open-source cross-platform tools for programmatic integration with EasyMorph Server from scripts and applications.


Schedule Server tasks to run once, hourly, continuously, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Data privacy

EasyMorph always processes data locally. No data is sent to the cloud. Optional dataset encryption helps secure data at rest.


EasyMorph automatically generates a human-readable description of each workflow in plain English
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Simple, flat pricing you can rely on:

Features Basic Server Team Server Enterprise Server
Unlimited users that run Server workflows
Users spaces 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Active Directory authentication
Max server RAM, GB 32 64 128+
Price, USD (includes updates and support) $3000 / yr $6000 / yr $9000 / yr

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See EasyMorph Server in action