More ways to run a project

EasyMorph can run transformations in several ways:

  • Run automatically all not calculated transformations (default mode)
  • Run manually all not calculated transformations
  • Discard all results, reload all source data and run all transformations
  • Run manually all not calculated transformations up to specified transformation

Auto-run mode

Auto-run mode controls whether EasyMorph runs transformations automatically, or they should be run manually. When Auto-run is on (default mode), EasyMorph attempts to automatically calculate all not calculated transformations when the project is modified. In this mode transformations are calculated in the background, without blocking the user interface. Tables and charts are updated as soon as they are calculated. If the project was modified while background calculation was running, the calculation silently restarts.

Note that export transformations are not calculated automatically. They are considered so called side-effect transformations because they alter or can alter data outside EasyMorph. Such transformations should be run manually, even when Auto-run is on. Other side effect transformations are Run Program, Iterate Program, and Database command.

You can switch Auto-run on and off from the Main toolbar. To stop running background calculation switch Auto-run off. If you switch Auto-run on this will trigger background calculation again.

Running transformations manually

When Auto-run is off or when some transformations are not calculated (e.g. export transformations) you can calculate them by pressing "Run project" button, or F5.

Hint: For convenience, switch off Auto-run in projects with heavy calculations, and run them manually.

Re-calculating a project entirely

If you need to re-run all transformations in a project (e.g. because source files have changed) go to menu Project and press "Reload and run" button, or Ctrl+F5.

Running up to a transformation

Sometimes you might want to control precisely which exactly tranformations are run. In this case you can instruct EasyMorph to run only up to a particular transformation (Auto-run must be off). To start calculation right-click the transformation and choose "Calculate" from the menu, or simply Ctrl+click the transformation.

Dealing with errors

If errors occur during running transformations in Auto-run mode the error counter will appear in the status bar. Clicking the counter opens the list of errors. Double-clicking an error message in the list will bring you to the transformation where the error occured.

Advanced topics

Discarding transformation results

To preserve consistency of calculations EasyMorph intelligently discards transformation results when one of the following happens:

  • Properties of a transformation have been modified
  • A transformation was inserted, moved or removed
  • A parameter has changed

Discarded are only results of transformations that are affected by the change, the rest remain intact. For instance, when an expression in a transformation is modified, only results of this transformation and all transformations that follow (depend on) it are discarded. Results of preceding and independent transformations are not discarded.

Also, when a parameter changes, discarded are only results of transformations that are using the parameter (or a parameter that was calculated using the parameter), or are dependent on a transformation affected by the parameter change.

To discard a result of transformation manually (e.g. if you want to reload a source file), right-click the transformation and choose "Discard result" from the menu. If Auto-run is on EasyMorph will automatically re-calculate the transformation and all transformations that depend on it.

Automatic recalculation of transformations after changes is especially useful for data analysis, because you can add, delete and modify transformations on the fly, and EasyMorph will instantly update charts and tables.

After errors are corrected, EasyMorph continues running transformations from where it stopped.

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