Exporting data into files

Export data into a file

To export data from EasyMorph into a file use export transformations, e.g. "Export to delimited text file". These transformations don't actually change data. They only export data into a file.

Export transformations can be inserted anywhere in a transformation chain. One project can have as many export transformations as necessary.

Hint: Move an export transformation into a dedicated derived table to avoid blocking calculation of consequent transformations in Auto-run mode.

Export data into a Tableau Data Extract

Exporting into a Tableau Data Extract (TDE) is different from other types of file export, because it requires specifying column types. EasyMorph allows mixing values of different types (e.g. numbers and text) in the same column, but in a TDE a column can store data of only one particular type. Therefore for creating a TDE every column must be assigned a type — Number, Text or Date. EasyMorph detect data types for all columns in a table automatically, although they can be adjusted manually, if necessary. Values of non-matching types are replaced with nulls.

In version 3.6 and above you can publish data sources directly to a Tableau Server.

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