EasyMorph Launcher

EasyMorph Launcher is a complementary application for personal scheduling that is included with EasyMorph Desktop. It is installed automatically when the Desktop is installed, starts on Windows start, and resides in the system tray. When EasyMorph projects are executed in the Launcher, they use the same in-memory engine, connector repository, and license key as the Desktop.

The Launcher operates with tasks that run EasyMorph projects either on schedule, or on demand. Every task can can be configured individually, thus allowing running the same project but with different parameters by a single mouse click. The Launcher is intended to automate frequent routine operations and reduce manual work. Note that scheduling is not available in the free edition, but the Launcher can still be used for running projects manually in one click.

Features include:

  • Schedules: Once / Hourly / Continuous / Daily / Weekly
  • Project parameters assignment (pre-configured or prompted on task start)
  • Display of a result table, saving the result table into a supported file format
  • Task cancellation
  • Real-time logs
  • Real-time messages from the “Status” action
  • Minimization to the system tray
  • Tray notifications about failed tasks
  • Rich error messages as in EasyMorph Desktop
EasyMorph Launcher

EasyMorph Server

EasyMorph Server is intended for business-critical task scheduling, designed to work autonomously, and is licensed separately.

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