EasyMorph Scheduler is a free standalone application that sits in the system tray and runs EasyMorph projects on schedule. It uses existing EasyMorph executabe (morph.exe) to run projects in the command line mode. Therefore the scheduler requries either Professional edition or Plus edition with enabled command-line mode. The free edition is not supported.

Features include:

  • Schedules: Once / Hourly / Daily / Weekly
  • Project parameter definitions
  • One-click access to project logs for easy failure diagnostics
  • Minimization to the system tray
  • Tray notifications about failed projects
  • One-click installation without administrator privileges
  • Scheduled PDF report generation

EasyMorph Scheduler

The scheduler should be installed under the same user account that was used for EasyMorph installation. The location of morph.exe is detected automatically.

Note that the scheduler doesn't support cancellation. The only way to terminate project execution prematurely is to kill the according morph.exe process using the Windows Task Manager. For cancellable scheduled tasks see EasyMorph Server.