No lock-in subscription

If the EasyMorph subscription is cancelled after 1 year or later, an eligible EasyMorph license (listed below) can be converted into a perpetual license.

Eligible licenses

  • EasyMorph Desktop (Professional edition)
  • Command-Line Worker

Terms of perpetual license

  • EasyMorph version is limited to the latest release availble on the last day of your subscription.
  • After switching to the perpetual license the license can't be transferred to another Windows user (account) or re-linked to another signature.
  • No updates available for perpetual licenses. However you can always resume your subscription (for at least 1 year) and update to the latest version.
  • No technical support is provided to holders of the perpetual license. EasyMorph Inc reserves the right to ignore requests for technical support received from holders of the perpetual license.
  • Price is no longer fixed after the subscription cancelled. If the subscription is resumed, the current pricing will apply.

EasyMorph Server license cancellation

EasyMorph Server licenses are not eligible for converting into perpetual licenses. However, you can downgrade a Server license to a Desktop (Professional) license or Command-Line Worker license in order to keep your workflows running.