No lock-in subscription

If Professional subscription is cancelled after 1 year or later, Professional license can be converted into perpetual Plus license with $300 credit for features. The Plus edition has all the features of the free edition plus additional features of the full Professional edition available à la carte.

  • For each Professional license converted into Plus license there is a $300 credit for features (pick features from the table below).
  • Additional features beyond the $300 credit should be purchased (we will send you an online invoice).

Actions, per project Unlimited
Iterations in loops, per project 20 iterations
Unlimited +$100
Receiving emails w/attachments +$300
Execute programs + PowerShell +$200
Command-line Mode +$300
Scheduler free, requires Command-line Mode
Technical support Community

Other terms of Plus license

  • EasyMorph version is limited to the latest release availble on the last day of your Professional subscription.
  • No updates available for the Plus edition, however you can always resume your Professional subscription (for at least 1 year) and update to the latest version.
  • After downgrading to Plus the license signatures can't be transferred or replaced.
  • Unused credit is not returned, or paid back, or transferred to another user.