EasyMorph for ETL developers

EasyMorph is a very easy to use, highly interactive, and cost-effective data transformation and profiling tool for ETL developers. While it's not as powerful (and far not as expensive) as enterprise ETL systems, with more than 100 transformations and actions EasyMorph can serve as the main ETL tool for small/medium businesses or department-level ETL tasks where the data volumes are within tens of millions of records. Due to its interactiveness and intuitiveness, EasyMorph is frequently used in addition to enterprise ETL platforms for quick ETL prototyping, data profiling, and data quality assessment.

Columnar In-Memory Engine

EasyMorph doesn't need an external database to run. It employs a proprietary in-memory columnar data transformation engine.

  • Data compression that helps store full intermediate results of all transformations in memory for instant access and profiling.
  • Automatic parallelization — independent branches of a calculation are executed asynchronously, e.g. reading a file and querying a database is typically done simultaneously.
  • The ability to run multiple projects on the same engine and pass calculation results between projects in memory.
  • Powerful non-relational transformations and actions.

Read more about the in-memory engine...

Automated file collection and publishing

Collect source data via email or SFTP or web. Upload and download files right from a web-browser. EasyMorph Server is ready for hosting in the cloud, or on premises.

Advanced workflows

A number of special actions allow creating advanced workflows:

  • Loops and iterations
  • IF/THEN and CASE/SWITCH workflows
  • Parameterized sub-routines
  • Custom exceptions
  • Error handling
  • Execution of external applications, Windows shell commands, PowerShell scripts, stored procedures


Documentation of ETL processes tends to be always outdated. Not with EasyMorph! It automatically generates a human-readable description of the automated process in plain English (see example). The documentation has a permanent URL and can be linked to from other applications. When it's only a click away you always know what happens when a task is triggered.

API for integration with 3rd party systems

EasyMorph Server can integrate with external systems and extend their automation capabilities. External systems can automatically trigger Server tasks and upload/download files using the REST API. To facilitate using the API an open-source EasyMorph Server .NET SDK is available, as well as the Server command-line client.

Built-in data profiling and visualization

EasyMorph comes with built-in charts that can be used to profile source data and identify data quality issues.

Due to auto-calculation charts also update automatically when you modify, add or remove transformations.

Try EasyMorph. It's a totally new experience.

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