Visual data transformation for Qlik Sense

Writing load scripts in Qlik Sense can be challenging or simply inconvenient. EasyMorph offers fast, visual drag-and-drop authoring instead of scripting.

Use more than 100 preconfigured actions, read and generate QVD files, trigger QMC tasks right from EasyMorph projects. In case of reload errors, the Qlik Sense reload logs are intelligently parsed and displayed right in EasyMorph.

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Automation Server for Qlik Sense

EasyMorph adds powerful automation capabilities to Qlik Sense, and enables new, previously unavailable or technically challenging use cases. With the help of EasyMorph-Action, a free Qlik Sense extension, you can add to Qlik Sense dashboards powerful actions that can be triggered by users, e.g. create a data extract using current selections, send an email, run an external application, or perform a REST API request.

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ETL documentation is frequently outdated and incorrect. EasyMorph automatically generates human-readable documentation of all transformation logic in plain English. The description can be available right from a Qlik Sense dashboard as a hyperlink.

Now your users can know exactly how dashboard numbers are obtained.

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Advanced workflows

EasyMorph provides means to build advanced workflows with complex logic:

  • Loops and iterations
  • IF/THEN and CASE/SWITCH workflows
  • Parameterized sub-routines
  • Custom exceptions
  • Error handling
  • Execution of external applications, Windows shell commands, PowerShell scripts, stored procedures

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Qlik-compatible data types

EasyMorph has a data type system that is compatible with Qlik. Just as in Qlik, in EasyMorph columns also don't have a fixed data type, therefore text and numbers can be mixed in the same column. Dates in Qlik are exactly the same dates in EasyMorph, so no conversion is required.

EasyMorph stores data in a compressed form using a compression technique similar to the one used in Qlik. Therfore reading/writing QVD files in EasyMorph is very fast because no (re-)compression is required.

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More features
In-memory engine
EasyMorph uses an in-memory ETL engine with automatic parallelization and powerful non-relational transforms.
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PowerShell integration
Run PowerShell scripts with EasyMorph data and parameters right from EasyMorph, or Qlik dashboards.
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Run EasyMorph projects and QMC tasks on schedule. Read more:
Desktop scheduler
Server scheduler

Get more from Qlik Sense with EasyMorph.

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