No more scripting! Self-service data preparation for Qlik

Writing load scripts in Qlik Sense can be very time-consuming or challenging, especially for non-technical people. EasyMorph offers visual drag-and-drop workflow design instead of scripting and easily integrates with Qlik Sense:

  • Self-service data prep for non-technical users
  • Fast ETL workflow design
  • Qlik Sense automation

EasyMorph provides out of the box more than 150 preconfigured actions and dozens of intergations.

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Data transformation with more clarity, less effort

Data transformation isn't easy. One of its main challenges is it's highly prone to human errors and data quality issues. To address this challenge, we've rethought data transformation from the ground up. As a result, EasyMorph makes authoring fast, easy, and suitable for non-technical people.

  • Data in tables is transformed step-by-step by applying various actions one after another.
  • You can easily trace a calculation back to the point where it went wrong as if you had a "time machine". Just click any previous transformation step to see its result.
  • EasyMorph instantly re-calculates all dependent transformation steps; therefore, you can immediately see how a change affects the final result, without re-running anything.

Here is what it looks like (looped 2-minute animation):

animated demo

Advanced workflows

EasyMorph is on par with Qlik script (if not better) when it comes to designing complex workflows. It offers a wide range of workflow constructs:

  • Different types of loops, e.g. FOR..EACH, DO..UNTIL/WHILE
  • IF/THEN/ELSE conditional branching
  • Parameters (similar to Qlik variables)
  • Subroutines and reusable parameterized workflows
  • Derived tables (similar to resident tables in Qlik)
  • Exceptions
  • Error handling
  • Mutexes
  • Built-in key-value storage
  • Parallelization and concurrency

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Bi-directional integration with Qlik Sense

EasyMorph provides multiple capabilities for bi-directional integration with Qlik Sense. Pick and combine what works best for your task:

  • Read and write QVD files in EasyMorph
  • Trigger QMC tasks from EasyMorph
  • Run EasyMorph workflows as external tasks in QMC
  • Trigger EasyMorph Server tasks from QMC or Qlik apps
  • Pass Qlik variables as EasyMorph workflow parameters
  • Notifications about errors by email or via webhooks

Qlik-compatible data types

EasyMorph has a data type system that is compatible with Qlik. Just as in Qlik, in EasyMorph columns also don't have a fixed data type, therefore text and numbers can be mixed in the same column. Dates in Qlik are exactly the same dates in EasyMorph, so no conversion is required.


ETL documentation is frequently outdated and incorrect. EasyMorph automatically generates human-readable documentation of all transformation logic in plain English. The description can be available right from a Qlik Sense dashboard as a hyperlink. Now your users can know exactly how the dashboard numbers are obtained.

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More features
In-memory engine
EasyMorph uses a fast in-memory ETL engine with automatic parallelization and powerful non-relational transforms.
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Run EasyMorph projects and QMC tasks on schedule. Read more:
Desktop scheduler
Server scheduler
File server
Upload source data, download processed files or share them with your team. EasyMorph Server comes with a built-in file server.
Server API
Trigger EasyMorph Server tasks from external applications using a cross-platform command-line tool, a .NET SDK, or the Server's REST API.
Embedded PowerShell
Extend visual workflows with PowerShell scripts executed with EasyMorph data and parameters.
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Receive incoming webhooks from cloud applications and IoT, integrate with Zapier or PowerAutomate using EasyMorph Gateway.

Advanced self-service data preparation for Qlik is here.

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