Easy data transformation for Power BI

Have you ever wondered if there is a data transformation tool that is more powerful than Power Query but not as heavyweight and difficult to use as SSIS? EasyMorph is exactly that — it's a lightweight, powerful ETL tool that is suitable for non-technical users.

100+ built-in actions and transformations

Query databases, load multiple files at once, use more than 100 built-in transforms and actions in a highly interactive, visual way. EasyMorph automatically creates necessary transforms when you manipulate data on the fly.

Parameterize transformation properties and expressions.

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Schedule your workflows to run once, hourly, daily or weekly. Parameterize tasks and run them with different sets of parameters, if necessary. Scheduling is available in both Desktop and Server variants of EasyMorph.

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Advanced workflows

EasyMorph provides means to build advanced workflows with complex logic:

  • Loops and iterations
  • IF/THEN and CASE/SWITCH workflows
  • Parameterized sub-routines
  • Custom exceptions
  • Error handling
  • Execution of external applications, Windows shell commands, PowerShell scripts, stored procedures

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Native support for spreadsheets

EasyMorph is perfectly suitable for extracting data from spreadsheets, because just as in Excel, in EasyMorph text and numbers can be mixed in the same column — a capability many other data tools lack. This, and many built-in Excel-specific transforms make EasyMorph an ideal tool for dealing with spreadsheets.

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Automated file collection and publishing

EasyMorph supports many ways to collect source data and publish the results. Fetch email attachments from Exchange. Transfer data from SFTP and web locations, or cloud data storages. Upload and download files right from a web-browser, if needed.

More features
Built-in PowerShell
Run PowerShell scripts with EasyMorph data and parameters right from EasyMorph. Read more
No more need to document ETL flows. EasyMorph automatically generates human-readable documentation of all transformation logic in plain English.
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In-memory engine
EasyMorph uses a fast, in-memory ETL engine with automatic parallelization and powerful non-relational transforms.
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Powerful data transformation can be easy.

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