Better data transformation for Power BI is here!

EasyMorph is a visual, fast, and versatile data transformation (ETL) application that is suitable for non-technical users of Power BI. It combines the best of the two worlds: the ease of use of lightweight data preparation tools such as PowerQuery, and the power and flexibility of professional ETL systems such as SSIS.

150+ built-in actions and transformations

You can do a lot with EasyMorph. With the help of more than 150 built-in actions you can query databases, load multiple files at once, upload/download files, interact with web APIs, send/receive emails and do many more in a highly interactive, visual way. Designing workflows is fast and easy because in many cases EasyMorph creates necessary actions for you automatically, and runs calculations pro-actively.

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Power BI datasets

Add data to Power BI push-datasets right from EasyMorph with the help of the "Export to Power BI" action. Another action called "Power BI command" will help you create and refresh datasets.

Updating Power BI dashboards with EasyMorph is a breeze!

Advanced workflows

Design highly advanced workflows with complex logic using advanced workflow features:

  • Parameters
  • Loops and iterations
  • IF/THEN and CASE/SWITCH conditional branching
  • Sub-routines
  • Custom exceptions
  • Error handling

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Schedule EasyMorph workflows for Power BI right on your computer, or on EasyMorph Server. You can schedule tasks to run once, hourly, daily or weekly. Parameterize tasks and run them with different sets of parameters (such as file names, dates, etc.), if necessary.

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More features
Built-in PowerShell
Run PowerShell scripts with EasyMorph data and parameters right from EasyMorph. Read more
No more need to document ETL flows manually. EasyMorph automatically generates human-readable documentation of all transformation logic in plain English. See example
In-memory engine
Under the hood, EasyMorph employs a fast in-memory ETL engine with automatic parallelization and strong data compression on the fly.
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