You can automate parts of your work without being a software developer. Reduce your tedious routines to a single mouse click, or schedule them for automatic execution. You can achieve that with a wide range of automation tools and features offered by EasyMorph:

External actions

A subset of actions in EasyMorph is called external actions. The external actions can be inserted anywhere in an EasyMorph workflow for interaction with files, enterprise systems, and cloud applications. For instance:

  • Copy/move/rename/delete/zip/unzip files and folders
  • Receive and send e-mails with attachments
  • Transfer files to/from SFTP servers, SharePoint folders, Amazon S3 buckets, and Google Drive
  • Trigger actions in enterprise applications such as Power BI or Tableau Server
  • Trigger actions in cloud systems by sending requests to web (REST) APIs
  • Run external applications and scripts (such as Python scripts)
  • Execute Windows shell commands and PowerShell scripts
  • Trigger stored procedures in databases

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Run workflows on schedule — hourly, daily, or on particular days of week or month. Create rule-based alerts (e.g., to monitor data quality issues) and reusable parameterized tasks. The scheduling capability is included without extra charge with both Desktop and Server editions of EasyMorph.

Advanced workflow patterns

With EasyMorph, you can design complex non-linear workflows with loops and conditional branching. For instance, send an e-mail notification automatically with a list of bad records if a data quality issue is detected in a workflow. Or process a list of files in a loop uniformly. Or repeatedly check a database table until a certain record appears in it.

File collection and sharing via browser

With the help of EasyMorph Server your colleagues and external parties can submit input files, trigger workflows, and receive output files right via a web-browser.

Use cases

Business users from finance, manufacturing, consumer products, technology and other industries use EasyMorph for automation of daily routines and minimization of tedious work. Here is just a few examples of what our customers do with EasyMorph:

  • Automatically collect data from external counterparties via web / SFTP / email.
  • Fetch from Exchange and process e-mail attachments automatically on schedule.
  • Categorize incoming files and move them into different folders based on file timestamp or contents.
  • Download public government data on schedule.
  • Feed data into and run external scoring / optimization / machine-learning models, and collect the results.

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