Powerful self-service data transformation

Do even more with Tableau when you complement it with EasyMorph. EasyMorph offers a broad range of tools for cleansing, transforming, and enriching data in order to prepare it for using in Tableau dashboards. More than 90 transformations help filter, sanitize, modify, parse, split, match, and merge data in files and databases in a convenient and visual way. EasyMorph is a data preparation heavy lifter, designed for users without a technical background.

There are 2 common scenarios how to use EasyMorph with Tableau:

Blending your data with that stored in data warehouse

If your organization uses Tableau on top of an enterprise data warehouse, then with EasyMorph you can prepare and publish your own data sources to Tableau Server. Blend your data with that coming from the data warehouse, in Tableau dashboards. Adding new types of data directly into a data warehouse is usually a lengthy and complicated process that can take months. With EasyMorph you can add your data to Tableau dashboards in hours, without altering existing ETL processes.

Setting up a data transformation hub for department or small/medium business

Use EasyMorph Server as the main data transformation and task automation hub for your team or department. Automate, parameterize, and schedule your routine data-related processes. Extract and transform data, publish data extracts directly to Tableau Server, or export data into a local database and access is from Tableau workbooks. Read auto-generated documentation of your transformations right from Tableau dashboards.

EasyMorph vs Maestro

To put it simply, EasyMorph is "Maestro on steroids". It has an order of magnitude more available transformations than Maestro. With EasyMorph you can automate not just some simple data preparation logic, but entire processes that require advanced transforms, running external applications, downloading / unziping / copying files, and even sending emails. You can also parameterize tasks, use conditional IF/THEN branching in transformation processes, and arrange loops.

All this makes EasyMorph a very flexible and versatile tool, significantly more capable than Maestro. Oh, and almost all its capabilities are available in the free edition.

On the other hand, you can expect from Maestro tighter integration with Tableau workbooks and somewhat familiar user interface.

EasyMorph vs Alteryx

Alteryx has invested significant marketing resources in promoting its product to Tableau users. Nevertheless, while being overloaded with features, Alteryx is perceived by many Tableau customers as extremely expensive and not suitable for wide adoption in an organization (rather maybe for a few power users).

If we exclude the free edition for a moment, EasyMorph is roughly 10 times less expensive than Alteryx, but is capable of all major transformations available in Alteryx. Which means that for the same budget you can provide self-service data preparation for 10 times more users. You can view EasyMorph as a more light-weight and significantly less expensive alternative to Alteryx. All major databases and file formats are supported in EasyMorph.

However, if you need predictive analytics, spatial analytics, or work with terabytes of data on a daily basis, EasyMorph will not be a comparable alternative to Alteryx.

All in all, EasyMorph is a golden mean between Maestro and Alteryx in terms of price and capabilities.

Native support for spreadsheets

In Tableau columns have fixed data types which makes it hard to process data from spreadsheets with complex structure, where text and numbers can be mixed in one column. EasyMorph allows mixing data types similarly to a spreadsheet. It has a number of transformations specifically designed to deal with cases typical for spreadsheets, e.g. multi-line column headers, merged cells, or inconsistent sheet names.

Conditional IF/THEN workflows

EasyMorph is designed for data-aware automation. You can design a data transformation processes to behave differently depending on data.

For instance IF loaded data doesn't pass quality checks THEN EasyMorph will send you a notification instead of uploading the data into a database queried by a Tableau workbook.

Data quality guards

Don't let garbage get into your dashboards. Insert the "Halt" transformation at any point in order to abort data processing if data quality checks failed. Customizable error messages help understand the cause of the problem.

You can insert as many "Halt" transformations as necessary. They can also be used to validate project parameters.


Everybody hates writing documentation, but EasyMorph can write documentation for you! It automatically generates a human-readable description of transformation logic that can be understood by people without a technical backhround. Such description can be accessed right from Tableau dashboards (e.g. using URL Actions). Auto-documentation is particularly helpful for compliance audits.

Hundreds of Tableau customers use EasyMorph. Try it too.

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