Advanced data preparation for Tableau

Go beyond the basic data preparation features built in Tableau and start using EasyMorph — a very fast, advanced data preparation and process automation application highly acclaimed by many Tableau users. It is easy to learn, saves lots of time and is designed from the ground up for people without a technical background.

Design advanced workflows with conditional branching, loops, and subroutines without programming or scripting. Bring your productivity to a whole new level.

Query databases without knowing SQL, load multiple files at once, fetch and send emails, call Web APIs, and use more than 150 built-in transforms and actions to prepare data for Tableau in a highly interactive, visual way.

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No-code automation

Automation and data transformation are tightly intertwined in real life scenarios. EasyMorph seamlessly combines data preparation and automation in workflows, without making a distinction between the two. We believe it's a winning combination.

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Personal scheduling

Schedule your workflows for Tableau right on your computer without a server. With the free EasyMorph Launcher that comes with EasyMorph Desktop you can schedule tasks to run once, hourly, daily or weekly.

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Server scheduling

Besides the desktop application, EasyMorph also comes in a server variant. EasyMorph Server automates data preparation for Tableau and other BI platforms. It's optimized for analytical teams with limited or no IT support. The Server comes with a flexible scheduler and is easy to install, configure, and use.

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Everybody hates writing documentation, so EasyMorph writes documentation for you. It automatically generates a human-readable description of a workflow in plain English as if it was written by a human. Such documentation can be linked from Tableau dashboards to provide users with explanation of the data transformation logic behind the numbers they see. Auto-documentation is particularly helpful for compliance audits.

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Parameterize workflows to reuse them. Use parameters for file names, folder paths, dates, and other action settings.
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Run scripts and apps
Run Python scripts and 3rd party applications right from workflows. Capture output back into EasyMorph.
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In-memory engine
EasyMorph uses an ultra-fast in-memory ETL engine with automatic parallelization and data compression.
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Supercharge your data prep for Tableau with EasyMorph.

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