Alternative to Alteryx

EasyMorph is a lightweight, affordable alternative to Alteryx. It has most of the data transformation capabilities of Alteryx, but costs 10 to 20 times less. Note that EasyMorph doesn't provide means for geospatial or predictive analytics. If you don't require them, you may want to consider using EasyMorph instead of Alteryx. Significantly lower pricing makes it possible to offer powerful self-service data preparation to more people in your organization.

Desktop user license $5,195/year $750/year
Desktop scheduling (add-on) +$6,500/year +$0 (included)
Server license $58,500/year $2,400/year

* Disclaimer: As per public pricing on Alteryx's website as of 10/14/2018. EasyMorph Inc. bears no responsibility for validity and correctness of prices for non-EasyMorph products.

Why is the price difference so significant?

We believe it's because Alteryx is positioned as an enterprise system which implies a certain sales model. In this model, sales is done mainly by high-salaried enterprise sales people and involves very expensive marketing. For instance, according to the SEC filings, in 2016 Alteryx Inc spent on sales and marketing about 82% of the gross profit. Which roughly means that they need to charge you 5 times more just to be able to sell you the product.

On the other hand, we don't employ expensive salesforce and don’t spend a lot on marketing (our customers discover EasyMorph mainly through word-of-mouth and internet search). This has two important implications: it helps us keep the prices lower, but most importantly it enables our mission — make life easier for non-technical people who work with data. We believe that a lower license cost per user is instrumental for wide adoption of a tool like EasyMorph in an organization, so that anyone who needs it could get it.

This is good news for you because although EasyMorph is considerably less expensive than Alteryx; it's very powerful and can replace Alteryx in the majority of data preparation tasks.

100+ built-in actions and transformations

Query databases, load multiple files at once, use more than 100 built-in transforms and actions in a highly interactive, visual way. EasyMorph automatically creates necessary transforms when you manipulate data directly.

Parameterize transformation properties and expressions.

Use the built-in scheduler (included into the desktop license) to run tasks hourly, daily, or weekly.


Documentation of ETL processes tends to be always outdated. Not with EasyMorph! It automatically generates a human-readable description of the automated process in plain English (see example). The documentation has a permanent URL and can be linked to from other applications. When it's only a click away you always know what happens when a task is triggered.

Advanced workflows

A number of special actions allow creating advanced workflows:

  • Loops and iterations
  • IF/THEN and CASE/SWITCH workflows
  • Parameterized sub-routines
  • Custom exceptions
  • Error handling
  • Execution of external applications, Windows shell commands, PowerShell scripts, stored procedures

API for integration with 3rd party systems

EasyMorph Server can integrate with external systems and extend their automation capabilities. External systems can automatically trigger Server tasks and upload/download files using the REST API. To facilitate using the API an open-source EasyMorph Server .NET SDK is available, as well as the Server command-line client.

Built-in data visualization

EasyMorph comes with built-in charts. While they're not as feature-rich as charts in Excel or purpose-built data visualization tools, they can provide an insight into trends and patterns.

Due to auto-calculation charts also update automatically when you modify, add or remove transformations.

Try EasyMorph. Do more in a cost-effective way.

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