Advanced, modern, and low cost alternative to Alteryx

EasyMorph is a fast, capable, yet very affordable alternative to Alteryx. It is used by thousands of users around the world every day. EasyMorph offers data preparation capabilities that mostly match Alteryx (EasyMorph doesn't do geospatial/predictive analytics but have stronger workflow automation capabilities), and is an order of magnitude less expensive than Alteryx. Features at a glance:

  • Highly interactive 100% visual drag-n-drop designing
  • Import/export to/from databases, files, spreadsheets, cloud applications, and REST APIs
  • More than 120 built-in highly configurable actions (tools)
  • Ultra-fast in-memory engine
  • Advanced workflows with parameters, loops, conditional branching, subroutines, and exceptions
  • External actions for dealing with SharePoint, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, email servers
  • Desktop and Server schedulers
  • Auto-generated, human-readable documentation in plain English
  • Thriving online community of users
Affordable pricing makes it possible to empower more people in your organization with advanced self-service data preparation and work automation and spend less on software licenses.

Desktop user license $5,195/year $750/year
Desktop scheduling ??? $0 (included)
Server license $78,975/year $6,000/year

* Disclaimer: As per public pricing on Alteryx's website as of 5/22/2020. EasyMorph Inc. bears no responsibility for the validity and correctness of prices for non-EasyMorph products.

Why is the price difference so significant?

We believe it's because Alteryx is positioned as a high-end enterprise system which implies a certain sales model. In this model, sales are done mainly by high-salaried enterprise salespeople and involve very expensive marketing. For instance, according to the SEC filings, in 2016, Alteryx Inc spent on sales and marketing about 82% of the gross profit. In order to compensate for the high cost of sales and marketing Alteryx has no choice but to keep prices high for their customers. Overly expensive pricing is a concern that is frequently cited by Alteryx customers. As a result, many Alteryx customers provide self-service data-preparation capabilities to fewer employees than they would like.

On the other hand, we at EasyMorph don't spend a lot on sales and marketing. Instead, we let the product speak for itself and help it with a bit of online advertisement. We focus our efforts and resources on product development — performance (EasyMorph is very fast), ease of use, and suitability for real-life cases. Our business model dramatically reduces licensing costs for our customers while providing them with a modern, versatile, and highly-acclaimed product. But most importantly, it enables our mission — make life easier for non-technical people who work with data. We believe that affordable licensing is instrumental for the wide adoption of a tool like EasyMorph in an organization so that anyone can bring their productivity to a whole new level.

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A user's perspective: Transitioning from Alteryx to EasyMorph

120+ built-in actions and transformations

Query databases, load multiple files at once, use more than 120 built-in transforms and actions in a highly interactive, visual way. EasyMorph automatically creates necessary transforms when you manipulate data directly.

Parameterize transformation properties and expressions.

Use the built-in scheduler (included into the desktop license) or EasyMorph Server to run tasks hourly, daily, or weekly.

Ultimate insight into workflow logic

Unlike traditional ETL tools, EasyMorph makes data analysis and profiling effortless. The EasyMorph's ultra-fast calculation engine keeps all data in memory and makes the full result (not just the top few hundred rows) of every transformation step instantly available for analysis, even if it's millions of rows. This provides an excellent insight into calculation logic, minimizes human errors, and reduces time spent on designing and debugging workflows.

  • One-click full-table profiling at any step: num/text/null counts, min/max values, longest/shortest text lengths, uniqueness, etc. for every column.
  • Instant, associative filtering of the full result of any action at any moment to reveal relationships and quality issues in data.
  • One-click column profiling: all unique values, type counts, histogram, and automated data quality suggestions for every column anywhere in a workflow.
  • Full-table search at any step of a workflow without re-calculation or additional tools.
Table metadata


Alteryx, as many other ETL and analytical applicatons, is built on concepts from the 90s when computer specifications and business needs were quite different. Whitepaper "Modern data transformation re-thought from scratch" describes in detail the reasons behind creating EasyMorph, a modern data automation tool designed from the ground up for the current demands of users and organizations.

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External actions

A subset of actions in EasyMorph is called external actions. The external actions can be inserted anywhere in an EasyMorph workflow for interaction with files, enterprise systems, and cloud applications. For instance:

  • Copy/move/rename/delete/zip/unzip files and folders
  • Receive and send e-mails with attachments
  • Transfer files to/from SFTP servers, SharePoint folders, Amazon S3 buckets, and Google Drive
  • Trigger refreshes and flows in enterprise applications such as Power BI, Qlik, or Tableau Server
  • Trigger actions in cloud systems by sending requests to web (REST) APIs
  • Run external applications and scripts (such as Python scripts)
  • Execute Windows shell commands and PowerShell scripts
  • Trigger stored procedures in databases


Run workflows on schedule — hourly, daily, or on particular days of week or month. Create rule-based alerts (e.g., to monitor data quality issues) and reusable parameterized tasks. The scheduling capability is included without extra charge with both Desktop and Server editions of EasyMorph.

Advanced workflow patterns

With EasyMorph, you can design complex non-linear workflows with loops and conditional branching. For instance, send an e-mail notification automatically with a list of bad records if a data quality issue is detected in a workflow. Or process a list of files in a loop uniformly. Or repeatedly check a database table until a certain record appears in it.

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