EasyMorph for Microsoft / Azure

EasyMorph has a tight integration with many Microsoft applications and services.

SQL Server and Azure SQL Database

Non-technical users can use the visual Query Editor to import data from SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. The visual queries can have complex filters, groupings, and aggregations. In a similar manner, data can be exported back into a database, without writing SQL statements.

EasyMorph comes with a built-in connector for SQL Server and Azure SQL Database, so no additional driver installation is required. It also works with ODBC connections, configured in Windows.

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Alternative to SSIS

EasyMorph is a light-weight, easy-to-use alternative to SSIS. It greatly simplifies and speeds up development of ETL workflows. Features at a glance:

  • Highly interactive 100% visual drag-n-drop designing
  • Import/export to/from databases, files, spreadsheets, cloud applications, and REST APIs
  • More than 150 built-in configurable actions (transforms)
  • High-performance, state-of-the-art in-memory computation engine
  • Advanced workflows with parameters, loops, conditional branching, subroutines, and exceptions
  • External actions for dealing with SharePoint, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, emails
  • Desktop and Server schedulers
  • Execution of external applications, Windows shell commands, PowerShell scripts, stored procedures
  • Auto-generated, human-readable documentation in plain English

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EasyMorph comes with the "SharePoint command" action that allows uploading and downloading single files and collections of files to and from SharePoint. Both SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises versions are supported.

Also, the "Import SharePoint list" action is an easy way to import various lists and their views right into EasyMorph.


Use the Exchange connector in EasyMorph to fetch emails, save attachments, and process them in automatic manner. Schedule mail retrieval, if necessary. Both Exchange Online and Exchange on-premises versions are supported.

Besides retrieving emails, use the "Send email" action to send out templated emails, with attached files, if necessary.

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Power BI

EasyMorph is a great data preparation tool for Power BI. Use it for complex data transformations and publishing push-datasets, or refreshing regular datasets.

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Run PowerShell scripts right from EasyMorph. Due to the tight integration of EasyMorph with PowerShell, you can seamlessly pass data from EasyMorph to PowerShell and back. This enables the enormous capabilities of .NET for data transformation and process automation in EasyMorph.

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EasyMorph Server on Azure VMs

Deploy EasyMorph Server on an Azure Virtual Machine instance, and run your data transformation workflows on it in unattended mode. Use EasyMorph Server for easy data collection, publishing, and collaboration on datatasets and workflows.

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No hassle work with Microsoft apps is possible.

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