A productivity tool for heavy Excel users

EasyMorph is a purpose-built application for fast, visual and robust data preparation, work automation and complex data analysis without coding. EasyMorph is designed for heavy Excel users and makes it easy to design and automate data collection, consolidation, and complex calculations that otherwise can be challenging or tedious to arrange in Excel.

Merge and consolidate Excel sheets and workbooks

Merging multiple sheets and workbooks in Excel can be a time-consuming, error-prone operation. EasyMorph natively works with tabular datasets and has powerful means for merging data from multiple workbooks, or the same workbook, or even different ranges of the same sheet. For instance, merging (joining) is done with just one action (the "Merge another table" action). Watch the video below to see how to merge spreadsheets in EasyMorph.

This video in other languages: Italian.

In a similar fashion, it takes only a few clicks in EasyMorph to automatically append (concatenate) multiple sheets and/or spreadsheets into one table.

See also example "2 spreadsheets merged" that comes pre-installed with the free edition of EasyMorph.

Cleanse and transform spreadsheet data

Data in spreadsheets may have all kinds of data quality issues such as invisible trailing spaces, unexpected line breaks, hidden system characters, numbers that are actually text values, etc.

EasyMorph comes with more than 100 built-in configurable actions that you can combine in various ways in order to clean and transform your data, consolidate, calculate new columns, aggregate, filter, and perform many other data manipulations.

Obtain data from anywhere

No more tedious manual data collection! Retrieve necessary data automatically from anywhere — databases, email attachments, shared folders, SharePoint libraries, SFTP servers, public websites, Google Drive/Sheets and even from web-APIs.

Design rules to check data quality and send email notifications automatically if something doesn't look right.

Handle tables with millions of rows

As data volumes universally increase, dealing with large datasets can be a problem in Excel — spreadsheets become bloated, take long time to open, and even sometimes crash. EasyMorph is designed to handle millions of rows of data with ease.

If required, heavy calculations with particularly large datasets can be offloaded from your desktop and scheduled for automatic execution using EasyMorph Server.

Visual design instead of VBA scripting

Business users frequently resort to writing a VBA macro when a task is not possible to accomplish using standard Excel tools. Unfortunately, VBA macros don't offer the convenience of the visual design and the interactivity of a spreadsheet. EasyMorph combines the best of both worlds: visual, interactive authoring for designing powerful, complex data transformations and work automation.

For all designed workflows EasyMorph automatically generates human-readable documentation in plain English (see example).

Add EasyMorph to your data toolkit.

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