A data tool to boost team productivity

Data is the lifeblood of organizations but frequently they are not well equipped to deal with it. While data-related tasks have been traditionally "outsourced" to internal IT specialists, more and more non-technical departments (e.g. HR, marketing, logistics, etc.) are looking for a degree of self-sufficiency when it comes to data-related operations such as data retrieval, cleansing, preparation and analysis.

EasyMorph is a data preparation and work automation tool designed specifically for non-technical users in order to give them the ability to do what traditionally could only be done by technical specialists — query databases, extract data from files, merge/join tables, generate and automatically send out reports, automate file operations, etc. People without a technical background use EasyMorph to automate tedious time-consuming routines and spend more time on high-value tasks.

EasyMorph boosts team productivity and allows doing more work with fewer people. All this comes at the cost of only about 1% of the average FTE cost (in the US; for some countries that can vary from 2% to 5%) — see our pricing.

Visual data preparation

In EasyMorph you manipulate data visually, by transforming it on the fly. Query databases, load multiple files at once, use more than 100 built-in actions in a visual way. Knowledge of SQL and programming is not required for designing workflows in EasyMorph.

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Task automation

EasyMorph is designed for data-aware automation. You can design a data transformation process to behave differently depending on data.

For instance IF loaded data doesn't pass quality checks THEN EasyMorph will send you a notification instead of uploading the data into a database.

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Native support for spreadsheets

If your team works a lot with Excel spreadsheets you may wonder how EasyMorh can play along with your workbooks. EasyMorph is perfectly suited for dealing with Excel files:

  • Similarly to Excel, in EasyMorph text and numbers can be mixed in the same column (a capability many other data tools lack),
  • EasyMorph has many built-in Excel-specific transforms,
  • EasyMorph can update existing spreadsheets therefore you can keep using your existing Excel reports and dashboards after moving calculations and data transformations into EasyMorph.

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Boost productivity of your team.

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