Easy data transformation for Snowflake

Data transformation is highly prone to human errors and data quality issues. To address this challenge, we've rethought data transformation from the ground up. As a result, EasyMorph makes authoring fast, easy, and suitable even for non-technical people.

  • Data in tables is transformed step-by-step by applying various actions one after another.
  • You can easily trace a calculation back to the point where it went wrong as if you had a "time machine". Just click any previous transformation step to see its result.
  • EasyMorph instantly re-calculates all dependent transformation steps; therefore, you can immediately see how a change affects the final result, without re-running anything.

Here is what it looks like (looped 2-minute animation):

animated demo

150+ built-in actions and transformations

EasyMorph has been created by people with many years of practical experience in data transformation. This, plus continuous improvement based on the analysis of hundreds of cases, has made EasyMorph a very capable and versatile tool suitable for the vast majority of real-life scenarios.

No matter if you need to perform an advanced calculation, merge datasets, or apply a complex business rule, you will be able to do this in a fast and visual way by using one or several transforms from more than 150 available actions in EasyMorph.

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Query Snowflake without knowing SQL

Using the visual Query Builder in EasyMorph, you can extract data from Snowflake even if you're not an SQL expert. Pick a table, select columns, and construct a visual filtering condition simply by pointing, clicking, and dragging. EasyMorph will generate and run a necessary SQL statement for you under the hood.

  • Sort and aggregate.
  • Keep only distinct and/or top rows.
  • Add post-aggregation filtering conditions (SQL HAVING).
  • If needed, write a custom SQL query, or use custom SQL expressions and conditions in a visual query.
Query Builder

Ultimate insight into workflow logic

Unlike traditional ETL tools, EasyMorph makes data analysis and profiling effortless. The EasyMorph's ultra-fast calculation engine keeps all data in memory and makes the full result (not just the top few hundred rows) of every transformation step instantly available for analysis, even if it's millions of rows. This provides an excellent insight into calculation logic, minimizes human errors, and reduces time spent on designing and debugging workflows.

  • One-click full-table profiling: num/text/null counts, min/max values, longest/shortest text lengths, uniqueness, etc. for every column.
  • Instant, associative filtering of the full result of any action at any moment to reveal relationships and quality issues in data.
  • One-click column profiling: all unique values, type counts, histogram, and automated data quality suggestions for every column anywhere in a workflow.
  • Full-table search.
Table metadata

External actions

A subset of actions in EasyMorph is called external actions. The external actions can be inserted anywhere in an EasyMorph workflow for interaction with files, enterprise systems, and cloud applications. For instance:

  • Copy/move/rename/delete/zip/unzip files and folders
  • Receive and send e-mails with attachments
  • Transfer files to/from SFTP servers, SharePoint folders, Amazon S3 buckets, and Google Drive
  • Trigger actions in enterprise applications such as Power BI or Tableau Server
  • Trigger actions in cloud systems by sending requests to web (REST) APIs
  • Run external applications and scripts (such as Python scripts)
  • Execute Windows shell commands and PowerShell scripts
  • Trigger stored procedures in databases


Run data retrieval tasks on a schedule — hourly, daily, or on particular days of week or month.

Scheduling is included without extra charge with both Desktop and Server editions of EasyMorph.



Documentation of ETL processes tends to be always outdated as it requires constant manual updating, which is a time-consuming and tedious duty. However, EasyMorph users are spared of this inconvenience because EasyMorph automatically generates a human-readable description of workflow in plain English (see example). The documentation has a permanent URL and can be linked from Business Intelligence reports and dashboards.

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