EasyMorph for Google

Google Sheets

Import tabular data from Google Sheets and process it in EasyMorph without scripting. EasyMorph natively supports data types of Google Sheets, including dates. Unlike traditional ETL tools, EasyMorph doesn't require columns to be only of one particular data type, which makes EasyMorph a very convenient tool to work with semi-structured data such as spreadsheets.

Export data to Google Sheets from any point in your data preparation workflows.

Google Analytics

Use the "Import from Google Analytics" action in EasyMorph to pull multiple metrics and dimensions from Google Analytics. Merge them with your data from CRM, spreadsheets, and databases to obtain a better understanding of your marketing efficiency.

Google Drive

EasyMorph comes with the "Google Drive command" action that allows uploading and downloading single files and collections of files to and from Google Drive.

Google Cloud SQL

EasyMorph includres built-in connectors for PostgreSQL, MySQL Server and SQL Server, so no additional dirver installation is required. It also works with ODBC connections, configured in Windows.

Non-technical users can use the visual Query Editor to import data from Google Cloud SQL databases. The queries can have complex filters, groupings, and aggregations. In a similar manner, data can be exported back into a database, without writing SQL statements.

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Google BigQuery

The ODBC connector in EasyMorph supports the SQL dialect of Google BigQuery. Use the "Import from database" action to import data from BigQuery tables using visual queries, or custom SQL.


Use the email connector in EasyMorph to fetch emails from GMail, save attachments, and process them in automatic manner. Schedule mail retrieval.

Besides retrieving emails, use the "Send email" action to send out templated emails, with attached files, if necessary.

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Easy data automation for Google is possible.

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