EasyMorph for Amazon AWS

Amazon Redshift and Amazon Aurora

With EasyMorph non-technical users can use the visual Query Editor to import data from Amazon Redshift and Amazon Aurora. The queries can have complex filters, groupings, and aggregations. In a similar manner, data can be exported back into a database, without writing SQL statements.

Working with Amazon Redshift requires the Redshift ODBC driver installed. Working with Amazon Aurora is possible via ODBC or using the built-in MySQL driver that comes with EasyMorph.

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Amazon S3

EasyMorph comes with the "Amazon command" action that allows uploading and downloading single files and collections of files to and from the Amazon S3 storage.

Amazon SES

Use the "Send email" action to send out templated emails via Amazon SES, with attached files, if necessary.

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EasyMorph Server on Amazon EC2

Deploy EasyMorph Server on an EC2 instance, and run your data transformation workflows on it in unattended mode. Use EasyMorph Server for easy data collection, publishing, and collaboration on datatasets and workflows.

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Easy data automation for Amazon AWS is possible.

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