Command line interface

Running from the command line

To run a project from the command line run morph.exe with /c as shown below:

In case of project errors a log file is created next to the project file, with the same name. Application (system) errors are written into EasyMorph.log in the same folder as morph.exe (by default it's AppData\Local\EasyMorph).

Assigning project parameters from the command line

To specify an input parameter value from the command line use /param option when calling a project (one /param per parameter). Note that a parameter must be declared (created) in the project prior to its assignment from the command line. Parameter names and values with spaces should be wrapped into double quotes. A parameter value assigned through the command line overrides default parameter value (value that is saved in project). E.g. parameter {Year} can have value 2015 saved in project, but have value 2016 when assigned from the command line in run time.

Project parameters that are not assigned either through the command line or "Iterate" transformation have their default values. Calculated parameters can't be assigned externally.

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