Query databases without knowing SQL

Using the visual Query Builder in EasyMorph, you can extract data from databases even if you're not an SQL expert. Pick a database table, select columns, and construct a visual filtering condition simply by pointing, clicking, and dragging. EasyMorph will generate and run a necessary SQL statement for you under the hood.

  • Sort and aggregate.
  • Keep only distinct and/or top rows.
  • Add post-aggregation filtering conditions (SQL HAVING).
  • If needed, write a custom SQL query, or use custom SQL expressions and conditions in a visual query.
Query Builder

Simple, no-code data retrieval

EasyMorph provides a wide range of connectors and import actions to retrieve data without coding or scripting from a multitude of sources:

  • Text files and collections of text files
  • Spreadsheets and collections of spreadsheets
  • XML and JSON files
  • Web (REST) APIs
  • Emails and email attachments
  • SFTP servers
  • Cloud storages such as Google Drive and Amazon S3
  • Cloud applications such as Google Sheets and SharePoint Online
  • Binary files such as SPSS, SAS7BDAT, and QVD


Run data retrieval tasks on a schedule — hourly, daily, or on particular days of week or month.

Scheduling is included without extra charge with both Desktop and Server editions of EasyMorph.

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