Actionable Data Catalog

Our Data Catalog solves the problem of poorly organized access to business data. It makes it easy for non-technical people to find and retrieve data from internal and external applications, databases, APIs, and files. The Catalog abstracts away from the the user the technical complexities of data retrieval and provides a simple user interface suitable for anyone in your organization. The Data Catalog in a nutshell:

  • A searchable directory of all data that your team needs, accessible from a single place: datasets, spreadsheets, BI reports, files, and web resources
  • Excel-friendly, open any retrieved dataset in Excel in two clicks
  • Governable, keeps track of who is consuming what data and how frequently
  • Annotated, searchable metadata for Catalog items and item fields
  • Fast, low-ceremony reporting for the cases that don't require pixel-perfect layouts or data visualization
  • Contextual configurable commands for adding, editing, and deleting data, and triggering external operations
Data Catalog items

The Data Catalog is a feature of EasyMorph Server.

Dynamic data retrieval

At the heart of the Data Catalog are EasyMorph workflows. When a user retrieves data, a workflow is executed and a table (dataset) is produced on the fly. Therefore tabular datasets listed in the Catalog don't have to be precalculated (e.g. in a data warehouse). They can be computed on demand with EasyMorph workflows.

For instance, when a user retrieves a list of customers, it can be consolidated on the fly from multiple sources (a CRM, a database, a text file, etc) with a workflow. Additionally, the user can enter workflow parameters (e.g. country) to retrieve only particular customers.

Data hyperlinking

data hyperlinking

Create a coherent "web of data" by hyperlinking Catalog items even if they have different data sources. Clicking a linked cell in one table can open another table with data from another system. Link also cells to web pages and files. Browsing and retrieving your organization's data has never been easier.

Example: in a list of orders you can click an order number to retrieve a list of products in that order. In that list of products, click a description to retrieve a PDF file with the product specs.

Query databases without knowing SQL

Using the visual Query Builder in EasyMorph, you can extract data from databases even if you're not an SQL expert. Just pick a database table, select columns, and construct a visual filtering condition simply by dragging and dropping. EasyMorph will generate and run a necessary SQL statement for you under the hood. Add visual queries to the Data Catalog for collective use and re-use. Features at a glance:

  • Easy drag-n-drop filtering.
  • Sort, group, and aggregate.
  • Post-aggregation filtering conditions (SQL HAVING).
  • Keep only distinct and/or top rows.
  • Support for custom parameterizable SQL queries.
Query Builder

Retrieve any data without coding

With visual EasyMorph workflows you can use a wide range of connectors and import actions to retrieve data without coding or scripting from a multitude of sources:

  • Text files and collections of text files
  • Spreadsheets and collections of spreadsheets
  • XML and JSON files
  • Web (REST) APIs
  • Emails and email attachments
  • SFTP servers
  • Cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Amazon S3, or OneDrive
  • Cloud applications such as Salesforce, Google Sheets and SharePoint Online
  • Binary files such as SPSS, SAS7BDAT, and QVD

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Data retrieval with EasyMorph Launcher

EasyMorph Launcher is a complementary Windows application that comes with EasyMorph Desktop. It can be used for simple data retrieval without EasyMorph Server (which is required for the Data Catalog), as well as for task scheduling.

A better, simpler way to deliver data to business users.

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