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“Lately I have been using EasyMorph for several hours a day some days doing complicated data analysis. It’s by far my favorite piece of software. A true gem. You’ve built something really special. Lots of useful features, easy to use, and most importantly rock solid.” Joe B.

“I found easymorph to be a great option for someone who is comfortable using excel in a basic sense but not comfortable creating complicated macros or using multiple formulas to clean data. Within 10 minutes I was able to figure out how to use easymorph when compiling a large amount of data from various sources.” Andrew

“We are very very happy with the usability and how easy Easymorph is. Its smart, easy and just works like a charm - this is not usual for such (ETL, BI) tools.” Dominik

“Easymorph is an very impressive product. It has changed our approach to automating reports and data transfers and massively reduced reliance on excel macros.” Jon S.

“EasyMorph is easy to use. Saves tons of time doing transformations. I was able to build a data-mart in a week, without easy morph it would have taken me at least 3 weeks – Brilliant!” Mervin, G. Head BI

“I find your solution unbelievable, even for a non-data scientist/programmer as me.” Steven P.

“So far for a data blending tool I have tested 6 options and Easymorph has actually been the closest from a simplicity and functionality point of view, when compared to the most common actions I used to do in Alteryx (non predictive data blending / cleansing). It seems to be the perfect tool from both a price and required functionality point of view in order to get the base reporting and tableau insights setup.” Ryan

“I've been using EasyMorph for 2 years now, and I really appreciate all the unique features that EasyMorph delivered to the community. I always scratch a project in EasyMorph from a quick and dirty approach such as clean/transform dataset and visualize changes, once the set of transformation is finalized, it's so easy to shift it to a robust production process. The amount of time that I saved is significant. Debugging and navigating through hundreds of transformations across a couple of linked processes are intuitive, you can easily identify which transformation in which process went wrong. The data processing speed and capacity are incredible with this very light weighted tool. Most importantly, EM changed a lot since I first time using it, and I am so convinced that it's going to be only better in the future.” Eiffel Q. S.

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