Data transformation hub for teams

EasyMorph Server is a data transformation (ETL) hub optimized for analytical teams with limited or no IT support. It runs on schedule projects created using desktop editions of EasyMorph (including the free edition). It's very easy to install, configure and use. From a technical standpoint EasyMorph Server is a Windows service with a web-based UI that employs the same columnar in-memory data transformation engine as the desktop editions.

Task Scheduler

Run multiple data transformations and external programs on schedule — hourly, daily, or on particular days of week. Specify project parameters (e.g. date or folder paths) right in task properties. Trigger and stop tasks manually, if needed.

Web File Manager

Upload projects and data files to the Server simply by dragging them into browser. Download results with a single click. EasyMorph Server is ready for hosting in a private cloud, or remote computer. Watch a 2-minute demo.


Documentation of ETL processes tends to be always outdated. Not with EasyMorph Server! It automatically generates a human-readable description of transformation logic in plain English (see example). Now you know exactly how source data is processed when you trigger a task.

Integration with Tableau

Using Actions in Tableau dashboards you can trigger data transformation, refresh data sources, and open auto-generated documentation of the ETL logic (see example).

Such integration is possible for any external application with customizable hyperlinks, not just Tableau.


Request a quote at . 60-day free trials are available on request.

Task scheduler
Web file manager
Autogenerated documentation
Users that use tasks and files Unlimited
Users that can create projects Licensed separately
Technical support Email support
Price per server $1800/year

Starter Bundle For Teams

1 EasyMorph Server license + 5 EasyMorph Professional licenses + support + updates = $4,000/year.

Contact for details.


Task list
Server log
Task properties
Auto-generated documentation

OEM / White-labelling

If you design and sell analytical software EasyMorph Server can be used as a data ingestion and data transformation hub for your application. Instead of custom ETL development you can employ a proven, user-friendly, feature-rich ETL system which you can re-brand, pack and resell under OEM license as part of your application. Talk to us today at to learn more details.