EasyMorph is a visual tool for easy data transformation. Optimized for business users. A free edition available.

The task of data transformation is traditionally believed to belong to IT developers while business users are typically left with Excel, or cumbersome Visual Basic and Python scripting. Although there have been attempts to create easy-to-use so called data preparation utilities, such utilities usually end up having rather limited applicability due to a lack of features required for real-life tasks. At the same time enterprise Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) systems while powerful (and very expensive) are prohibitively difficult for non-IT audience, as they simply are not designed for it.

EasyMorph employs a novel, non-traditional approach that makes data transformation easier. It combines simplicity similar to that of data preparation utilities, and the power typical for professional ETL tools. Having the best of both worlds makes EasyMorph suitable for business users as well as for veteran data experts.

data transformationFor business users

  • Visually transform data without using VBA macros, scripting or SQL.
  • Merge, filter, aggregate data from multiple sources — databases, spreadsheets, text and XML files.
  • Prepara data for analysis (e.g. in Tableau).
  • Convert text files to spreadsheets, and vice versa.
  • Create simple PDF reports.

data transformationFor data experts

  • ETL jobs with particularly high complexity (up to hundreds of transformations).
  • Parameters, loops and subroutines for arranging complex workflows.
  • Free-form data profiling and analysis at any transformation step.
  • Powerful non-relational transformations (e.g. Pivot/Unpivot, Fill down, Shift column, etc.).

Simplified design of calculations

Data transformation isn't an easy task. One of its main challenges is having a clear understanding of the transformation logic because it's highly prone to human errors. We walked away from the traditional abstract approach to designing transformations in order to bring maximum clarity into calculations, and make authoring simpler:

  • Clean "arrowless" design — no need to connect transformations with arrows as in traditional ETL tools. Also grouping together transformations related to each table allows more logical organization of calculations.
  • Some frequently used transformations are created automatically when you manipulate data in a manner typical for data preparation utilities (i.e. pick commands from a menu).
  • The full result of every transformation step is stored in memory and is therefore instantly visible when you click a transformation. You always see what you get. On every transformation step.

Here is what it looks like (looped 2-minute animation):

animated demo

Relaxed type system

EasyMorph doesn't force you to define data types explicitly for each column of every table, because in EasyMorph values of different types (e.g. numbers and text) can be mixed in the same column, just as in Excel.

Also when exporting data into a database table or Tableau extract you don't have to deal with low level data types (e.g. VARCHAR or DECIMAL). Regardless of the target database you operate with only three simple data types — Text, Number and Date. Or don't bother about data types at all as EasyMorph will autodetect them for you when it becomes necessary.

Native support for Tableau and Qlik

EasyMorph natively supports data formats of popular data analysis applications such as Tableau and Qlik.

With the help of EasyMorph Tableau users can perform complex transformations, export data to databases and automatically generate Tableau Data Extracts. Read more...

Qlik users can import and export QVD files, and replace load scripts with visual transformations in EasyMorph. See example...

Learn about supported data formats and other features.

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