EasyMorph is a powerful data transformation tool. Optimized for business users. A free edition available.

EasyMorph employs a novel approach that combines simplicity similar to that of data preparation utilities and the power typical for professional ETL systems. It allows business users to design complex non-linear multi-step data transformations visually without using SQL or scripts. Data experts use EasyMorph for ETL and task automation.

data transformationFor business users

  • Prepare data for reports and dashboards.
  • Merge, filter, aggregate data from databases, spreadsheets, and files. Calculate columns.
  • Replace VBA macros, Python scripts or SQL queries with visual drag-n-drop workflows.
  • Publish to Tableau Server, generate TDEs.
  • Export to databases, CSV files and spreadsheets.
  • Generate documentation for auditing automatically, in 1 click (see example).

data transformationFor data experts

  • Lightweight, easy-to-use ETL tool with fast columnar in-memory engine.
  • Automated scheduled tasks that can also run external programs and manipulate files.
  • Parameters, subroutines and loops.
  • Powerful non-relational transformations (e.g. Pivot/Unpivot, Regexp Matching).
  • Fast data profiling, data quality assessment.
  • Quick one-off manipulations with lists and tables.

Better authoring: more clarity, less effort

Data transformation isn't an easy task. One of its main challenges is having a clear understanding of the transformation logic because it's highly prone to human errors and data quality issues. We walked away from the traditional approach to designing transformations in order to bring more clarity into calculations, and make authoring simpler:

  • Data in tables is transformed step-by-step, by applying various transformations one after another. Alternatively, pick commands from a context menu. In this case, EasyMoprh automatically creates necessary transformations for you, on the fly.
  • The full result of each transformation step is stored in memory. Just click a transformation to see its result. You can easily trace a calculation back to the point where it went wrong as if you had a "time machine".
  • EasyMorph automatically re-calculates dependent transformation steps in the background, instantly after a transformation was added or edited. You can immediately see how a change affects the final result, without re-running everything from the beginning after every minor edit.

Here is what it looks like (looped 2-minute animation):

animated demo


A 3-minute overview and demo of EasyMorph that shows querying a database, applying transformations, using expressions and, finally, exporting results back into the database.


Unlike traditional ETL tools, EasyMorph combines data and workflow in the same view, providing a better picture of transformation logic.

Example: US Census 2012
Example: Inc5000
Database Query Editor

For Tableau, Excel and Qlik users

EasyMorph can be used with any Business Intelligence or data visualization tool. It works particularly well with Tableau dashboards, Qlik apps and Excel spreadsheets.

Tableau users design complex transformations without help of IT staff, publish data sources to Tableau Server, generate TDEs.

Qlik users replace entire load scripts with visual transformations in EasyMorph, generate QVD files.

Excel users design error-proof data transformation processes visually, instead of writing VBA macros.

Try the free edition. See if EasyMorph works for you.

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