Marketing Manager (part-time, remote)

Job description

The role of marketing manager is of critical importance to our quickly growing software company. The company has developed a solid, mature product with high customer satisfaction. The challenge we're facing now is the need to increase awareness among potential buyers worldwide. We need help of experienced technology marketing expert to bring market awareness to a new level. The primary criterion for evaluation of the person's effectiveness will be growing sales.

EasyMorph is a versatile tool that has multiple use cases. Therefore the role requires crafting precise, clear messages tailored to different audiences.

In this role, you will have to find communication channels to reach prospective customers (hint: it's not always Google AdWords). This can be challenging since we don't have an advertisement budget that could buy us a Super Bowl commercial. Not even a single second.

As a marketing manager, your will also take care of our newsletters, social media accounts, and arrange big events such as conference sponsorships and seminars.

You will have to take care of everything written and published on our web-site — fix grammar, change wordings, or rewrite a page from scratch.

It would be very helpful if you have solid experience of сonfiguring Google AdWords and improving SEO, but it's OK if you don't — we can always find someone who can. Speaking another major European language would be a plus.

What we offer

  • [Almost] unlimited freedom of decisions and actions. You're the marketing boss.
  • Work from anywhere you like. The job is remote so you can work from home and don't commute to the office every day.
  • Work anytime. Our team is global. Everyone works when it's convenient. Your work schedule is up to you.
  • Part-time contract employment with fixed hourly rate. Your work time is assumed to be 10-20 hours per week.

What we require

  • Years of getting things done in technology marketing (B2B). You should know exactly what you're doing, as there will be no one in our company to teach you.
  • Perfect English writing skills.
  • We expect that you won't look for a full-time job for at least 1 year.


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