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You were forwarded to this page because you pressed Morph It button in QViewer but you don't have EasyMorph installed on your computer.

If EasyMorph is already installed on your computer, make sure you launched it at least once so that the integration is set up. Note that QViewer and EasyMorph should be installed under the same user account. If it still doesn't work please let us know.

What is EasyMorph

EasyMorph is a free lightweight Qlik-friendly data transformation and analysis tool from the creator of QViewer. It can read and write QVD files. When both QViewer and EasyMorph are installed on your computer you can seamlessly pass QVDs from QViewer to EasyMorph simply by pressing Morph It button in QViewer, and then analyze, profile and transform QVD data:

  • Filter by any combination of fields, or even using an expression
  • Find and remove duplicates
  • Calculate aggregates such as sum or count, grouped by several fields
  • Calculate new columns, or modify existing ones using an expression
  • Merge other tables imported from a QVD, text file, spreadsheet, or a database
  • Export to a QVD, text file or spreadsheet
  • Visualize data using dynamic drag-and-drop charts

You can run EasyMorph projects right from the Qlik loading script using a universal "setup-and-forget" subroutine. EasyMorph can entirely replace Qlik scripting in many cases. See a QlikView integration example.

You can also set up EasyMorph as your default QVD viewer, although it's not as fast as QViewer.

Download EasyMorph