Powerful self-service data transformation

Do even more with Tableau when you complement it with EasyMorph. EasyMorph offers a broad range of tools for cleansing, transforming, and enriching data in order to prepare it for using in Tableau dashboards. More than 80 transformations help filter, sanitize, modify, parse, split, match, and merge data in files and databases in a convenient and visual way. EasyMorph is a data preparation heavy lifter, designed for users without a technical background.

There are 2 common scenarios how to use EasyMorph with Tableau:

Blending your data with that stored in data warehouse

If your organization uses Tableau on top of an enterprise data warehouse, then with EasyMorph you can prepare and publish your own data sources to Tableau Server. Blend your data with that coming from the data warehouse, in Tableau dashboards. Adding new types of data directly into a data warehouse is usually a lengthy and complicated process that can take months. With EasyMorph you can add your data to Tableau dashboards in hours, without altering existing ETL processes.

Setting up a data transformation hub for department or small/medium business

Use EasyMorph as the main data transformation hub for your department or company. Automate, parameterize, and schedule your data transformation tasks. Publish data extracts directly to Tableau Server, or export data into a local database and access is from Tableau.

Powerful file import

Loading data from files can be complicated. Sometimes it's necessary to load thousands of files in many different locations or in a complex folder structure, resolving inconsistencies in file names and timestamps. EasyMorph has many transformations to deal with files, which makes it a perfect tool for such cases.

It also allows preparing a list of files to load using various filters, expressions and transformations which is convenient for loading a dynamic subset of files (e.g. the latest 30 files).

Native support for spreadsheets

In Tableau columns have fixed data types which makes it hard to process data from spreadsheets with complex structure, where text and numbers can be mixed in one column. EasyMorph allows mixing data types similarly to a spreadsheet. It has a number of transformations specifically designed to deal with cases typical for spreadsheets, e.g. multi-line column headers, merged cells, or inconsistent sheet names.

Data quality guards

Don't let garbage get into your dashboards. Insert the "Halt" transformation at any point in order to abort data processing if data quality checks failed. Customizable error messages help understand the cause of the problem.

You can insert as many "Halt" transformations as necessary. They can also be used to validate project parameters.


Everybody hates writing documentation, but EasyMorph can write documentation for you! It automatically generates a human-readable description of transformation logic that can be understood by people without a technical backhround. Such description can be accessed right from Tableau dashboards (e.g. using URL Actions). Auto-documentation is particularly helpful for compliance audits.

Half of our users use Tableau with EasyMorph. Try it too!