Data transformation for Tableau

EasyMorph greatly extends the built-in data transformation capabilities of Tableau. It enables designing complex parameterized multi-step transformation processes with data quality guards and data profiling. Similarly to Tableau, EasyMorph is highly visual, optimized for users without a technical background, and requires little or no training. More than 50% of EasyMorph customers use it for Tableau.

A few examples of what you can do with EasyMorph:

  • Merge data in different modes: lookup, join, interval matching (perfect for slowly changing dimensions), and fuzzy matching (for words with typos).
  • Apply rules to control data quality; abort transformation if quality checks not passed.
  • Extract data from complex, possibly inconsistent spreadsheets with various data quality issues. Unlike most ETL tools, EasyMorph allows mixing numbers and text in the same column which makes it a great tool for parsing spreadsheets.
  • Pivot / unpivot tables; apply powerful non-relational transformations (e.g. Fill Down, Shift Column).
  • Arrange advanced workflows with loops (including nested loops), if-then-else branching, and subroutines.
  • View auto-generated human readable description of data transformation logic behind a dashboard.
  • Schedule refreshes with different parameters (requires EasyMorph Server).
  • Trigger EasyMorph transformations right from Tableau dashboards using Actions.

There are three ways how data can be exported from EasyMorph to Tableau:
EasyMorph ETL for Tableau

  • Create a TDE (Tableau Data Extract) file, or a CSV file (if you're using Tableau Public).
  • Publish a TDE to a Tableau Server (incremental refreshes also supported).
  • Export data into a relational database (data mart), then query it with Tableau. Incremental export is also supported.

See example: Integration with Tableau.
Read tutorial: Export into .tde files, Export into databases.

EasyMorph is a Tableau Technology Partner since 2015.
Screenshot Tableau and EasyMorph

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